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The child is eating too little or on the contrary sleeps too much or suddenly angry – it usually takes care of the careful parents, the rest just give up: why bother the little things! And while it means that the behavior and condition of the child's organization are alerted to their tendency to or to these diseases or even their development, even before diagnosed by a doctor.

Generally, parents pay attention to the child's body temperature: if normal – then everything is OK, high – take aspirin. However, this is not so easy. For example, the temperature rises, and the hands are cold like ice. This is about the cramping of peripheral blood vessels. And similarly to aspirin, it would be good to inject analgin, diphenylhydramine and nicotinic acid – a vitamin that enlarges small vessels.

If your baby's hands are always cold, this means it exacerbates nervousness. Generally speaking, the failure of thermodynamization affects the vulnerability of the child's organization, affecting the sensitivity of the nervous system to the stresses. It also applies to such a jurisdiction of a child such as stagnation. Always wet palms, sweat-lined underwear, even if there are no active toys – this is a sign of nervous system defects in the body. There are other signs that justify the state, close to the nervousness, – the baby likes something of anxiety, hip nails, suddenly suddenly begins to talk during sleep, if it happens again every time, but if it is repeated every night, it is sensible to consult a neuropathologist).

If your child is always nervous, irritable, if you are having difficulty playing a game and after you start playing you can not stop, reverie, react to aggressive interferences, go to long hysteria, you should not speak wrong – these are the symptoms of increased knee pressure. This child must be constantly monitored by the neuropathologist. Errors in the functioning of the thyroid gland can also cause nervous excitement. And baby can be a fast heart rate. Slightly swollen eyes also speak of excess hormones in the thyroid gland. In this case, you should consult an endocrinologist. Old doctors have begun testing with a request to learn a language, even if someone has fallen or has stomach pain. Language is a reflection of the food channel, all of our illnesses are "pictured", not worse than without a prescription.

If the tongue tongue has a permanent yellow or white hair, this indicates a defect in the stomach or gut. work. So-called "geographic" patterns need to be dressed in a language, often monitored by antibiotics for a long time or after dysbacteriosis, abundant bacterial deficiency and population.

Your baby's skin can tell you about the condition of your body. Thus, while dysbacteriosis is dry, it shrinks, often appears allergic rash. If the lips are dry and dry, this can be due to serious gaps in the stomach and intestines. work. The so-called "marble" skin – pale, a clear drawing of thin vessels that is near the skin surface, should be slightly spotty. There are probably some shortcomings in the work of the child's volunteer nervous system, which automatically regulates internal work. This can cause rapid fatigue, irritability, headaches.

Shadows under the eyes testify to the lack of iron or vitamins in the child's body. If "bags" are formed beneath the eyelids, do not rush to get rid of the bad kidney work. Probably this is just the hypoderm's jurisdiction.

Take care of the nails – they break up in the teenage age, forming white layers, which "indicates" the lack of calcium in the body. Lacking also affects the condition of the teeth. Usually teeth are indicators of the entire bone condition of the body. If there is something wrong with them, the bones of the child are struggling with the same problems.

Most often, parents pay attention to very obvious things like appetite and sleep. Is a bad appetite something to say? Of course, as this reflects the general state of the baby's nervous system, its balance and comfort.

If the chill is the so-called. "Bony bone", shadows under his eyes, he often catches cold, suspects his tendency to tuberculosis, and in that case urgently needs to consult the phthisiatrikus. However, if a child eat a lot, regardless of physical activity, and does not aggravate, it is about the presence of worms or psychological problems. Appetite must be energy-efficient, and when a child does not like moving, silent toys, do not worry about eating a little. If, on the contrary, he rushes all day and comes home with his tongue, he probably will not have to convince him to eat straight.

Child's poor sleep also worries parents. Most often healthy children do not wake up in the night, but they can fall asleep and not so fast. Think of the kids sticking to a given daily schedule, sleeping in a certain hour, watching scary boxes or thrill before they fall asleep and fell asleep on the computer. All this stimulates the child's nervous system, limiting its biorhythm.

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