Your child's dental health – What age do you need to start dental checks?

The child's primary teeth, sometimes "baby teeth", are as important as permanent adult teeth. Primary teeth appear when the children are about 6 months old. These teeth help to chew and talk, and keep the teeth in place for permanent teeth that develop under the gums. Most children have 20 primary teeth completely until their age of three. Primary teeth usually begin to fall between five and six years when permanent or adult teeth begin to break.

Start catching the child's teeth with water as soon as the first tooth appears. Toothpaste is not recommended for children under the age of two, but when toothpaste is introduced; only a pea size must be used. Children should always be supervised during brushing to do a good job. Cleansing your teeth at your baby is a good way to get this healthy habit.

The child's first dental visit is between three and five. For a child who does not know the dentist, the first visit may be very frightening. The first dental meeting should be a positive experience and preparation for this visit may start at home. Many publications are available to help explain to your child what to expect from a dentist. One of these releases is "Show Me Your Smile," the 11th book in the Dora the Explorer series. It provides a thorough, non-scary explanation of what you are expecting at the first dental visit.

As a parent, your child can help maintain a healthy, healthy lifestyle, ensuring a balanced diet, limiting sugary foods, ensuring that they brush twice a day and floss once a day. It is very important to regularly perform dental examinations every six months.

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