Work at home mothers – child care or childcare? This is the question

Congratulations, we've started your own business and it's going very well. In fact, he is doing very well to devote more time to him. What if this little extra, uninterrupted time could be a big difference compared to your income? Of course, uninterrupted time is the thing that we all know and miss, just like at home mom's work, in fact, most households, where there are toddlers, are similar to the past.

What if just a few extra hours a week from uninterrupted time did all you need to do to get into the next gear finishing that awesome high payout or project?

The fact that we need to consider it at some point in time helps you finish your big project or task.

Some of us enjoy the blessings of families who are only happy to take their children to their homes and their activities, one morning for a week or an afternoon or there. However, there will be a situation where you need to do things, the deadline is faster than the steroid sprinter, and the law of murphy, which will be one day that all your family will be busy in the city or in the city.

This will * happen. You know this is going to happen earlier. So, what are you doing? What about those who do not have large families in the neighborhood or even in the same country? What are you doing? Sooner or later you may need a skilled nanny, babe, or if you are really lucky with the au pair.

Moms are infamous mosquitoes for punishment, and many are surprised, even offended by the idea of ​​picking someone up. What? Are not we perfect? Who says it? Hello? We're all human. (Okay, like women, we know we're a very super man, but we're still not perfect). Why do not you hire someone who is worried about taking care of the kids and having fun with your kids for a few hours?

I learned a valuable lesson from my youngest son when I made the difficult, heartburn decision for a few hours for the first time.

He broke away from me. It is not the idea that I let go, but rather the idea that I could entertain him for ever, I could satisfy all his needs, still closer to this million dollar business. Is not that any mother? I was here, I felt as if I was failing because I could not do everything at all 24 hours a day.

Until I realize how ridiculous this sound is. When did I decide to be the perfect person who did all this? She was really upset at how silly she was when I packed the luggage pack to see the group again and see what I was doing and started to clap her little hands and shouting: "Yay, Yay, Yay !!" I realized that he chose to playgroup, he chose this as a career.

He chose him because he loved children. [5] He decided to spend his time with five little children and find the day fun and entertaining as an educational and as short as possible Within his absolute mission was to make sure that he was caring for the children, and if he was a real mother, ha ha, a restful, thought-provoking, never-patient patient mother who also locks a million-dollar business. ] I'm a mother I chose, but reality insists on earning income. My earning activity is graphic design and photography Although some aspect of childcare comes naturally to mothers, I have to admit that I am completely terrible at the fun of thinking and playing games, and of course not when I try to finish the huge project that needs so much attention.

So, just as I take my child from a doctor to a patient, I choose to take them to a child care center when I need time to do what I'm good for and allow their children the lifestyle they enjoy and for a few months this is the only reason why dining at the table is at all.

So if you find yourself in a situation where you need childcare, I pray you do not feel wrong, think of your strengths and the many benefits of your strengths and strengths that your family brings and make your decision.

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