Winter Health Tips for Children – 6 Ways to Keep Your Healthy Children in Winter

Winter brings crisp, cold days and stunningly beautiful ice and snow landscapes that are likely to build snowmen, snow angels, ice skating, snowshoeing, hot chocolate and many other fun activities. But your child can only enjoy this if he is healthy. Here are 6 easy ways to make your child healthy in winter.

first Hand washing is still one of the best ways to eliminate the spread of bacteria from one surface to the next. And with the creation of soaps that light up, smells good, in-hand and child-friendly containers, and the state-of-the-art soap dispenser, hand washing has never been glamorous. Allow the child to pick a couple of favorite selections on the soap and maybe even scratch and get a nursing care after each wash. Teach them how to mix hot and cold water, so the temperature is warm rather than bony cold. You will be surprised that these seemingly small beads encourage the child to wash their hands more often.

2nd The hand disinfectant is a wonderful and effective addition to the fight against sprouts. Hold a bottle in the car to immediately clean their hands after school or after other activities before giving them a snack. Be sure to monitor its use with smaller children to make sure that you use your hands and do not inhale.

3rd On warmer days, dressing up layers helps children stay healthy. It is often tempting for children to dress up too easily in the winter when the weather is extremely hot. Many interior spaces are still cool and dry, so they insist that your baby is wearing a long sleeve T-shirt and / or a sweater (if the same day many times) are healthy.

4th They cover their mouths when sneezing or cough is still high on the list of things and your hand is better than your arm. Sneezing and coughing in the hands, touching the door buttons, phones and other hands only spreads the pathogens. Only this action will probably have 50% cleaner hands.

5th Keep the small boxes in the tissues open and ready for each room. Again, let your child help you to select the patterns on the boxes. This may seem overpriced, but often children (and adults) know they need tissue but can not find it. Put your jacket pockets with extra fabrics, so we can be sure that there is one in the playground or in the car and when we ride with a friend's car. The availability of tissues when they need it is a simple but effective way of stopping the spread of pathogens. The old ad is coming back because true, a dose of prevention is really worth a pound cure.

6th If you are sick, keep it at home. Their eyes and activity levels are great signs of what they are. If your eyes seem cumbersome even if they are awake and are content to sit and remain silent (sometimes look as if they are pitiful), keep them at home not losing their weakened immune systems to all their germs, pre-school , after school and school activities. This will help others stay good. Children's systems are incredibly flexible and retreat sufficiently in a less germinating environment with plenty of rest and a balanced diet that contains many fluids.

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