Why not use their children to imagine their imagination and what to do?

It was not long before they found children on streets, courtyards, and sidewalks around the park who made themselves famous for athletes, princesses, dinosaur hunters, mums' playhouses, or war soldiers. Why is not that the case now? Unfortunately, the reality is that:

– Early academies are given greater emphasis

– Physical and sexual predators are far too commonplace

– People are generally less social and adventurous school programs consume too many children

– Television, mobile phones, the internet, and video games certainly will not help

– Children's constant monitoring also exists in the urban environment [19659002] It is widely known that "creative play" is necessary for mental, emotional, social, physical and creative abilities, to the development and development of children. While it is obvious that televisions, movies and internet media are certainly a good source of education and education, most people simply use them as a "stroller". as constructive tools. And yet, such media are a limited (limited) pro, the "creative game" element is still missing due to the fact that the majority of the time spent watching TV, computers, or video games is elementary, materialistic, uneducated, unproductive, and of course an immoral factor.

So the question is, what, like parents, would proactively do this? Let me show you some useful tips that, if you act consistently and consistently over time, you can result in the child's emotional, mental, physical and social health.

– Resist the temptation to just turn on the TV when the kids are widening or full of energy. Learn how to properly transform the child's natural energy into a "creative game" instead of allowing fun on the baby to sit out of the world. & # 39;

– Take part in the child's imaginative and creative play and participate in it. If it means that the bad guy has to talk to who will talk, the princess who's with the princess or the horse runs in the field (living room) like doing it.

– Take them off! Leave the room with your TV or video games and just go away – kids are instinctively able to entertain their imagination – and they are usually out in the open.

– Read your children – and they do it often! A child who learns to read and read will not only be intellectually much better, but will also develop his creative abilities and will not be so dependent on entertaining TV or video games.

– Games together as a family and your children. Instead of playing a movie or playing a video game – we can play together. Learn the interaction. Take the time to talk, laugh and just have fun together. Ideally, use games that help your child develop their skills and are creative.

– Be an example! It is important to give rules on how little or little TV can be watched by the child, but if the papa / mum does not lead as an example, it is extremely difficult to implement these rules. Translation – this means that the papa / mother needs to develop a "creative game" so when children (or kids) just turn on the TV, they all can use their imagination, games and common fun.

A good parent requires effort, sacrifice, patience, creativity, and even imagination, and at times immature. Food and shelter, education and entertainment, clothing and toys … this is not enough. What children want and need most, attention, love, interaction, laughter and time is the parents who love them. Unfortunately, the majority of parents spend a large part of in front of children with pre-teen children watching a show or movie. TV needs to be done a little more to increase the imagination of our children, but it is even more important to strengthen relationships and bring families together for entertaining and entertaining entertainment.

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