Why is Naptime important to your child's child care center?

Any parent knows that daytime is important for toddlers. About Children up to five years of age require a lot of sleep. Sleep helps children meet the needs of their rapidly growing and changing body and replenishes their energy reserves. If your baby or toddler takes part in a child care center, they will need regular reception in the afternoon to resolve this need for sleep. Choose only a childcare center that allows daytime, child health and emotional wellbeing.

Why is Naps important?

Growing children need a lot of nutritious food, love and sleep to be healthy. Food nourishes the body, love nourishes the soul, and sleeps both. Although the child's sleep needs to disappear for three years, most children need an afternoon until they are five or older. Studies have shown that the quality of afternoon sleep is different from normal sleep (REM) sleep. Naptime sleep is more severe and "refreshing". A mum who fought on a tired, tired little kid who missed the afternoon knows that this is true of the visceral level: sunshine is needed.

Life Dependence and Age Differences

During the first four months of life, newborns slept on average 18 hours a day. By the time the child is three times, they spend about ten to twelve hours on average, plus 1.5 to 2 o'clock in the afternoon. In the age of five, the afternoon sun is usually not necessary as the child's body has grown rapidly, but many still need teenagers when they need to climb. Children working in a childcare center are generally under the age of five and under, so logic dictates that the center provides a regular afternoon rest. However, this is not always the case.

Why not a day?

Some child care centers stopped an afternoon three-day-old child for adults. They conclude that at this age, children need less sleep, and many people do not react well to being forced to lie down and remain silent. Other childcare centers have "day" and "no-day" groupings, where those who do this will get the others "silent time". If your child still needs daytime afternoon, do not let the center dictate if it is day or night. If the control panel does not respond to the child's needs, it may be the best solution to find new care solutions.

Naptime Rules of Thumb

Childcare centers must be in the sun at times that are not too late, not too early. The best time in the early afternoon, after lunch, had time to digest because sleeping in empty stomach is not advisable. Naptime must be completed at least four hours before it does not interfere with your child's evening habits and bedtime. Children should not sleep more than two hours, as this may change their daily rhythm. The room in the intimate child salon must be obscure without disturbing effect, and each child must have their own carpet, blanket or grid. Music also promotes sleep stimulation.

In order for a kindergarten child to develop properly, he needs enough sleep. Regular sunbathing at the child care center will help meet this need. Days must be elderly, and for those children who do not have to sleep as much as in childcare facilities, allowances should be made.

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