Why is it important to prevent childhood obesity?

There is a lot to be done when dealing with a sensitive subject like childhood obesity. The kids are sensitive about it. They know what it looks like, and reminders are not always appreciated. Parents are sensitive because they think they have poor parental skills. The rest of society is sensitive because they do not have to do the necessary steps to halt the outbreak. Here are some reasons why we want to take the untouched part.

1) Bullies : Any child who is different is the purpose of harassment. As more and more children are overweight, those in this category will be dead in the bullseye. It does not help in any way, form or form without losing or torturing. In fact, it's harmful because the child can make the food more comfortable and make the problem worse.

2) Eating Disorders : People, especially children, want to fit in. After the child discovered that the excess is the cause (or one) of any method to stop. Unfortunately, these methods can lead to bulimia, anorexia, and other nutritional disorders.

3) Education : A miserable child may have difficulty concentrating on what he is trying to learn. The focus can be inward, which makes it extremely difficult to listen to and focus on classical work.

4) Health Issues : This is the most important reason to protect our children from weight-related problems. In the early twenties, young people have stroke and heart attacks. Children are treated with elevated numbers of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. Overweight can prevent life's lives and change life.

5) Self-esteem : Even without intimidation, self-esteem suffers. There is only one mirror and one television. Knowing that it is beyond the weight limit can cause a bad body image. This can lead to depression and sometimes lead to serious problems. Some may become scribbles and some have sued this question.

6) National Security : Because of the health problems caused by obesity, many men and women who want to join the army are turning away. This issue has been raised by journalists and attention needs to be paid to this. If our soldiers have difficulty getting new shots, how can we protect ourselves?

Although everyone can help on this issue, the biggest burden concerns parents. Rather than knocking them overweight children, we need to offer them the support they need to get acquainted with the choices made and made by children.

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