Why is courage important?

"It's very important to be brave, so I'm not afraid to fight with the boys," says Chelsea, age 6. Before you fight the boys, you have to fight Rebecca for 5 because it sets the courage as "You do not want to hit anyone."

Courage may stand up for a bully or prevent someone from lighting up lights, and real courage will require wisdom [19659002] Courage is important because "we all have to do things we do not love sometimes," says Eric "Courage is when you are brave or something you are afraid of," says Amanda. 9. Everyone is afraid of something or someone The difference is how you deal with your fear. "If you're afraid to smoke and you decide not to, then you're not brave," Sarah says, 9. "39, just stupid!" So, Sarah, never bother pride with real courage and courage to reduce the crowd with ever "If you are courageous, do something like a firefighter," says Michael, 9. "It's important that you are brave because you can save someone."

Yes, we can all be grateful for firefighters, police officers and for the courage of soldiers who risk their lives to protect us.

"Courage means courage not to be afraid of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego," says Peter, 11. "They were courageous because they stood up to King Nebuchadnezzar."

When you know God, as these three acts, you are not afraid of anyone, not even a king. You live your life in front of an audience. Read the full story Daniel 3.

Quite to say these men were cool in the fire and in the fire. They told the king that they knew that God could free them from the fire, but even if not, they did not want to worship a golden idol.

Before the burning fire, the three young men dared to trust God. Their courageous faith was useful to others, for the king learned something about the true God. He learned so much that he knew that his gold idol could not match the power of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego. He even made a decision to protest against their God.

Without courage: "You will not have much fun, because you will be afraid of everything," says Alex, 7.

Winston Churchill once said, "Nothing in life is so enjoyable without results." Faith in God is a battle of life. Nobody in the right mind is looking for Goliath. But when the tyrant appears, just as no one wants to get back. God called people to be heroes and heroines living in the world of perpetrators. To know which fighting to fight, it requires wisdom.

"The battle is the Lord," David cried as they picked up the summit to face the heavily armed giant who had destroyed the entire Israeli army.

"Sometimes we are scared," says Kirsten, 10. "If you really need courage, do not ask your neighbor, ask the Lord."

Young David could not rely on anyone in the army of Israel because they were all afraid. David was so confident in the Lord and asked, "Who is this uncircumcised Philistine to suffer the hosts of the living God?"

When the tyrants have come, remember the greatest courage of all times, Laci says, 10 "God needed courage to allow soldiers to beat Jesus and dress on the cross." [19659002] Think: If you are afraid or worship God, you will not be afraid of the people.

The scripture to remember "God has not given us the spirit of fear, but his power, his love, and the loud mind" (2 Timothy 1: 7).

Question to consider: Did you ask God for courage and courage?

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