Why do the wise men seek Jesus?

"That's why they were called sages!" Ellen says, 6.

Thank you, Ellen. I doubt any Bible scholar would ever have said it better. Jesus searches through the New Testament.
The sages bought him to worship him. King Herod bought it. Masses that have been marvelously covered to crown. Religious leaders bought him. Roman soldiers bought to arrest him.

"They saw another star, just because it was a new star, it must be something special," says Elizabeth, 7.

Yes, the star was different, but there is something unusual than the star's starlight. The sages were heathen. Why would the heathen go so far to worship the Jewish King? Even if you were right about your royal right, what would be the difference? The Jews were oppressed. Rome ruled the world.

God promised Abraham's patriarch to be a blessing for "all the families of the earth" (Genesis 12: 3). Through the Gospel of Matthew, nations are constantly appearing. The gospel begins with genealogy where Jesus comes from the king of David (Matthew 1: 1-16). Surprisingly, however, Jesus is the ancestor of the heathen (Rahab and Ruth).

In the middle of Jesus, a Roman captain, Jesus' prayer to heal his servant so. Jesus said, "I did not find such a great faith, even in Israel" (Matthew 8:10). By the end of the gospel, Jesus commands to make His disciples a disciple of all nations.

The first recorded actions of the New Testament come from Eastern, gentle sages. Matthew shows us that salvation comes to the Jews, but this is not just for the Jews. In the apostles of the Paul Apostles, Abraham is everyone who believes. God thought Abraham to be righteous in his faith before he received the signs of the bond of bondage (Romans 4: 9-13).

"The wise men were Bible scientists who were examining the prophecies of the coming Messiah," says Matthew 11.

This is not as protracted as it sounds. When the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem, they took the talented Jewish people to the royal court to prepare them for counsel. King's empires were mages.

Daniel was the most famous wise man who had ever graced the Babylonian courts. He saved the whole company of the magicians from the total destruction when he interpreted the dream of Nebuchadnezzar king. Later he spent the night with the lions, not the worship of the King of Medes and Persians.

No one before or after Daniel has ever served as Prime Minister of the Empire of the Two Worlds (Babylon and Medo-Persia). One of the Prime Minister's services in the first round made him the Magi Hall of Fame.

If you are in the Magi Club, do you think you may be interested in reading a book written by the most famous magician of all time? According to Daniel's book, 483 years have elapsed during the time of order to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem until "the Messiah the Prince" comes (Daniel 9:25).

According to Bible scholar Jr. Gleason L. Archer, the clock began to tick in 457 when Artaxerxes issued a Persian ruler to rebuild Jerusalem's walls (Ezra 9: 9). From a BC to AD, we recall one year AD 27, the exact date when Jesus began serving. Perhaps the wise men did their maths themselves.

They loved God from the magicians whose stars were enlightened and probably enlightened in Daniel's book. It was such a tiny ray as the bright light typical of the Lord Jesus, but they followed him until they found the promised Messiah. Wise men and women are still looking for him.

Happy Christmas!

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