Why did the Revolutionary War occur?

Why did the Revolutionary War begin? It would not be right to say that one of the main causes of the revolutionary war was. The British Empire was far from America, and at that time, people in the United States wanted their own government. American men and women have equal human rights. America had many resources that were used by early settlers, and many were richer than in Britain. The first answer to the question of why the revolutionary war began with colonizers seeking independence

Another answer to the question of why the revolutionary war began with the debts fought by the French after the British Empire between. They tried to pay their debts by throwing high taxes on the American colonists and making the colonist angry. They felt that they did not participate in the war and did not ask for their opinion. British have raised high taxes on products such as paper and sugar. This was one of the things that had happened that triggered the revolutionary war.

The third question as to why the Revolutionary War started in Boston. The first event was the Boston Tea Party. British rulers have introduced a rule that colonists may buy only tea from the East Indian company. The angry settlers beat the ship's destruction with the tea. Then they dropped all the compartments that put the tea in the sea. The second event was Boston Massacre. Some British soldiers killed the colonies who were not armed at all, and shortly after the demonstrators left for Boston. Parliament had to decide that city governors were appointed only by the governor appointed by the British Parliament. Any form of group discussion was illegal

The fourth answer to the question why the revolutionary war began because of the ever-increasing tension that was created because the British Parliament sent more troops to American cities. The British empire soldiers learned about the militia groups gathering their ships in Lexington. Then some soldiers were ordered to capture the militia group, but they were killed by retaliation. British forces retreated, and more British soldiers were sent to America. The colonial government of the United States soon prepared the continental army. This army was headed by George Washington.

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