Why did Harry Potter run at 12:01?

A missionary and his family were forced to camp

outside a hill. They had money with them

feared the roving thieves attack.

After praying they fell asleep. Months later

a injured person was brought into the mission

to hospital. He asked the missionary if he was

Soldiers guard him on that special night.

"We've been trying to kidnap you," he said, "but what

were afraid of the twenty-seven soldiers. "

When the missionary returned to his homeland,

this strange story and one of its members

the temple said, "we prayed praying that night,

and I picked up the scroll. He was twenty-seven

Why did their prayer pray so effectively?

As they prayed at midnight,

(By the way, this story is Billy Graham

Hope for the confused heart.

Recently, something else has been programmed

at midnight. It was so huge that it was so long,

capable of influencing his life by the inexplicable

million in the world.

I'm talking about the new global introduction

book on the Harry Potter series on July 16th.

Midnight Departure

If you did not have a vacation in a cave (away

from television and other media) in recent weeks,

You must have bombarded him

is the latest wave of "Pottermania" that started

after midnight (up to 12: 01)

All Continents

All over the world, kids had to leave at midnight,

in their favorite bookstores to seize their copy

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince"

's latest book on the wildly popular Harry Potter series.

Books are supposed to be on shelves

50,000 copies per hour! Incredible.

But why did you start at midnight?

Spiritual people understand that midnight is one

is a key spiritual unit by itself. Most

powerful, historical events you've heard of

Some examples of the Bible:

* When God wanted to judge Egypt, He

chose the midnight hour (Exodus 11).

* Samson waited until a midnight storm

Gate of His enemies (Judges 16)

* At midnight Paul and Silas

They were rescued from prison (Acts 16)

So it was surprising that:

* Those who are at the forefront of global awakening

witchcraft waited until 16 July midnight

to launch their deadly weapons?

There are many bad things we hear from day to day,

at midnight. In Job 34:20 we read: "They will die for a moment and the people

will be restless at midnight and pass away:

and taken with the big hand. "

So why did Harry Potter launch it at midnight?

If you are a Christian, then you are not

an explosive revival of witchcraft on the international stage,

is a pioneer of the spirit known to our modern world

Harry Potter. His real name is in the Bible

Beelzebub, the Frog Knight

Brilliantly repackaged himself and

to unsuspecting children all over the world

the fun, harmless, even dear Harry Potter!

There are some interesting in this modern incarnation

things on the agenda for the kids. It's called

7-point plan.

Harry 7-Point Schedule

* Engage and initiate as many children as possible

"entertaining" witchcraft through Harry Potter

books and movies … and gradually, but quietly

deep in occultism and hard earned

core black magic as they grow older

* Push them to commit suicide (Note: many children

was in deep depression

is already new for death

Book – Sign of Suicide Only)

* Use More Children as a Mass Production Tool

Murder in Schools and Other Public Places

* Use innocent looking kids who are tempted and used

suspicious friends of witchcraft

(In the city where I live, 610 children gathered

just 2 days after the introduction to practice

cast spells and mixing parts)

* Place at least one witch practitioner

child in every family, and later prepares her

ruin the home and switch over the family


* Use your children to prevent an epidemic

revolt (with the help of small drugs

and hip hop music) as well as an unprecedented

pornography level, sexual perversion and


* Use the children as pedestrian soldiers

renewed war on the

Jesus Christ for the Next Generations

Good News

See, this is the intelligent witch ghost (or

Harry Potter, if you like) runs this

is a serious war against the children who know this perfectly

the leaders of tomorrow … and the Lord a

special plan for them.

In Psalm 8: 2 we know that God wants to use it

the child to repent of his enemies.

And He graciously gives us a very effective

weapon to help keep our children from the claws

Harry Potter (Beelzebub)

This weapon …

Praying to our children during sleep.

We, as parents, have gently serve them

and in love.

Infants and young children (including those

in the womb) must be prayed against them

friends have bad influence and are unconscious

Witchcraft Movement Through Pottermania


Protecting Jesus' Blood

You need to get used to reading a

full psalm 91 over your children … every day.

Here is a small example of such prayer


"As the Lord lives, my children

name) does not fall in

Harry Potter and His Agents in the Name of Jesus

I've Bounded All Spells and Divination

programmed to waste my children in the name of Jesus.

God, who responds with fire, be God.

O Lord, answer with fire and reproach all evil

messenger of children against the

Jesus' name. "

If you program this prayer on

at midnight, it will be:

* counting and destroying all evil altars raised

Harry Potter against your kids.

* to recall and break all the rings in question

that night to destroy the fate of his children.

(Please note: God does this activity

seriously because he knows the devil

effects of divinations, etc. read

about classical Balaam case Num. 22).

* (this is exciting!) Stamps a

"touch my anointed" the forehead

every child. This will work effectively

made them to reach modern witchcraft

And more …

I'll take the next time …

Be blessed!

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