Who is the American War Hero?

Like the struggle against men and women during the war, there are many controversies around America's most decorated war veteran. There is a question of considering the "clear number of coins", which includes wounded coins, service acts, and so on. When I started this hub, I only considered the number of medals.

When it comes to courage in the fire, it is difficult to measure which soldier, sailor or sailor has the greatest courage. There are many courageous men and women who have been brave for whom we have never heard of. The Creator knows what they are and what they did. I've taken a number of people who have been educated so far in keeping the hub.

The most decorated veteran status was attributed to Audie Murphy as Texas. Audie Murphy America was the most decorated veteran with 33 medals in a 27-month fight. You are looking for so many ornaments in such a short time amazing. Some career soldiers have many well-deserved acknowledgments over a longer period of time. The soldier found so many ornaments so shocking.

In addition to coins from the United States, he received five from France and one from Belgium. Since they won a number of coins during the Second World War, they gained a great reputation. David Hackworth soldier and World War II veteran David Hackworth remained in service and won several awards. David Hackworth of California is now America's most honorable soldier, with 90 decorations, quotations and prizes. He is most proud of the Combat Infantryman Badge. He received the Distinguished Service Cross (oak leaf nodes), the silver star (1 silver oak cluster and 4 oak leaf clusters), the Legion Legion (4 oak leaf clusters), Bronze Star (V tool and a silver oak cluster and an oak cluster), Purple Hear (a silver oak grove and an oak grove), the Air Medal, the Army Feather Coin, the Good Medal of Honor, the Second World War Victory Medal, the Korean Service Medal, Vietnam Service. He is the most decorated Vietnam veteran.

After the Second World War, Audrey Murphy shot 44 films and formed herself as a Western composer. At that time, there was great controversy about who best embodied the heroic spirit, Audie Murphy, a real hero or John Wayne. The disputes continued, as they were the subject of debates, which became the best model for American youth.

There was also a debate about the controversy of who was the most decorated veteran, Audie Murphy or Matt L. Urban . When asked about who was best decorated, one should consider whether or not the United States or other nations decorate them.

New York City Matt L. Urban Audie Murphy in World War II. He was a police officer, seven Purple Hearts, the Merited Legion, the Croix de Guerre, the Silver Star and the Congress Medal of Honor. He personally led his men in wonderful tricks, landing in North Africa, and personally knocked communication towers under fire. The Congress Medal of Honor won him President Jimmy Carter 35 years after the war. Vietnam's most prominent veteran was Moscow Lake, Joe Hooper, 19459004. Hooper received 35 medals, including congressional honors, two silver stars, six bronze stars and eight lilac hearts. Your result exceeds Murphy, York, Keene, or Urban costs. Hooper's post-war life was full of conflicts and contradictions that contribute to the ignorance of many historians. Like the war that has provoked strong emotions and controversy, the most admirable veteran of the war was also controversial. One of the most indisputable episodes was when he told a group of high school students: "I would say to my children if I did," Go to Canada, do not fight. "Do not fight a war that can not be won." His tragic life ended when he died of a stroke at age 40. They later sat on the Arlington National Cemetery.

There were such debates in the First World War as the most adorned ones. Alvin York as the most decorated American soldier in this conflict, though some historians claim to be the most popular Texas Texas Lawrence Keene . Alvin York received the Distinguished Service Cross, later added to the Medal of Honor. He received the Croix de Guerre and the Legion of Honor from the French Government. The Italian and Montenegrin nations have also given Croce di Guerra and war coins. Texas received the Medal of Honor and Silver Star from the oak leaf cluster. During his service he was injured seven times and the heart of the magician won the Distinguished Service Cross, the Cross of the Cross, the French Guyare Croix de Guerre, the Knights of Verdun and the French Emblem. Marshal Ferdinand Marshall

The Most Adorable Ladies' Salute to Colonel Ruby Bradley . He served as a Japanese prisoner of war and later served in Korea. He has won the following medals and prizes: Legion of Merit medals, Bronze Star, Two Presidential Symbols, Meritorious Unit Badge, US Defense Coin Coin, American Campaign Coin, Asia Pacific Campaign Coin, Second World War Victory Medal, Army Occupation Coin Japan buckle, three Korean service medals, Philippine Liberation Coin, Philippine Independence Ribbon, and UN service year. the only soldier named for three congressional awards in thirteen months. This is a unique achievement that has kept its courage under fire. It is also worth noting that the company that understands it was the most outstanding fancy unit in terms of size, and its members had five congressional merits.

Oklahoma was born James Gritz (19459005) (also known as James "Bo" Gritz) was raised by his grandparents as his father was killed in battle and he was exposed in many areas throughout his life: when he went to the army, his military career ended, he gained 62 coins for courage, and after leaving the military, he continued to serve as minister and adviser, who explicitly supported the oppressed Americans and the preservation of life, loved him from the mercy of government officials when he discovered his involvement in drug trafficking Burma Gold Triangle, Ruby Ridge's Position, Randy Weaver and Montana Freemen, and played the direct role of the missing POW in Vietnam during the post-war years and protested in the Terry Schaivo case

Most decorated Navy and Sea Heroes and Others

A h ub after the initial announcement of a number of very decorated heroes worth mentioning. There are some heroes who are brave enough to serve their nation, which I could not fit for spatial questions. When it comes to military decorations, they are classified by service and conflict. I know a number of American heroes that include the following:

The most decorated navy title was served by Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller (1898-1971), he became the only sailor to search for five naval crosses . There are also books about his life. Chesty Puller had a long history of military activity and was a tough guy. He fought in Haiti and Nicaragua. The Nicaraguan guerrillas were eventually called the "tiger of the mountains," and they were rewarded with a weight of 5000.

He served in the Second World War and in Korea as well. It was in Korea that he had achieved unprecedented performance by looking for a fifth naval cross which no one else ever repeated. Some Pulley followers claim he could get more coins if he refused political games with the upstairs stairs.

Puller knew he was dealing with guerrilla warfare and how ugly war he could win. His grandmother was killed by Yankee soldiers and his house was burned after finding a dead man hanging on the wall. The soldiers considered the weapon's military equipment and thus smuggled them, so it was considered worth killing. Such atrocities have changed their thinking and the toughness of difficult situations. Today's Parris Island Marines are "Good Night Chesty Puller, wherever you are!" The night ends with the title.

Colonel Robert Howard, United States of America (1939-2009), who has recently died, decorated. Colonel Howard was a military special army soldier who showed amazing heroism in Vietnam. In addition to the congressional awards, Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star (2), eight purple hearts and many other awards were awarded.

I. World War Veteran, Paul Jarrett won the French Legion of Honor prize when he was 101 years old in the war. A street in France was also named in honor. The French have not forgotten their actions for their nation. Her grandson documented the documentary film "Return of Paul Jarrett" documenting her life and service at the 16th Brigade of the 42nd Infantry Division.

Another grandly decorated heroic pilot, William J. Maddox who died in 2001. During the service, he received the Distinguished Service Coin, four Silver Star, 127 Air Medals, eight Distinguished Flying Crosses, and five Merited Legions.

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony "Tony" Lieutenant Colonel Herbert was named the most honorable soldier in the Vietnam War. He also points out that the Korean War is the most exquisite soldier. Herbert wrote a curriculum vitae (soldier) about her time spent in service. His career was controversial in reporting on the atrocities committed by Vietnamese soldiers in Vietnam, which led to concerns in the media and military circles. The most brilliant man in naval history was the USN. James made remarkable achievements through the 20 years of faithful service of the United States Navy.

Sadly many people lied about the valor and the decorations were received by the military. The extent of the lie has become a problem with the adoption of a law "Stolen Valor Act", which prohibited the lie of condemned decorations. In a California case, Xavier Alvarez, a member of the water supply in Pamona, California. Alvarez hires being served in the Corps and winning the congressional awards. When an investigation showed that he did not and did not receive this decoration, the case was brought to justice. The Ninth District Court claimed that his lie did not hurt anyone and was a form of protected speech on this issue. The court went on and declared the prohibition of action "unconstitutional," and Alvarez did not commit a crime

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