When adult children move from home

It seems that these days are becoming more and more happening. The children grow up, leave home, work, and then come home. Sometimes five years later. Sometimes after 25 years. I was there as a parent … a few times. Most adult children who have gone home, serve as targets.

Although sometimes the returning boy or girl is accompanied by children and / or spouses, this complicates the agreement, is unique and the parents are together.

A common understanding among the three is that they all work together and respect each other. All the financial instruments contribute to the tools. It is obvious that the financial contribution of a returning offspring may be quite limited.

As three adults live together, they agree to arrive and do the usual housework around the property. They also agree that if things do not go out for some reason, the boy or daughter will live with their own accord elsewhere.

"Does not work" means that one or more parties will be unhappy and can not go through. Unemployment can arise because an adult child's "casual drink" turns out to be a serious drug or alcohol. Criminal behavior (theft, production of drugs, treasury management, etc.), Someone is feeling abused, or parents can fight each other from other misfortunes.

Unfortunately, this very reasonable agreement is slightly written. When things get worse, instead of looking for sensitive solutions, each one remembers commemorating "but promised …" Everyone seems to have forgotten the escape plan

Typical deterioration is almost universal. In rare cases this can be avoided if all parties are very aware and are very vigilant.

So what's the dynamics? Generally, everyone is well off, whose best intention is to become an adult couple with another adult. However, they have never done this to each other. But they have many years of experience in co-existence between parents and children.

An adult boy does something he does at home as a teenager, but never made him an adult alone. Or one of the parents says something that was often said when their daughter was at home, but she would never speak of a stranger with her as if on board.

Teens' psychological work is a little angry at getting ready to go home. It is up to parents to put teenagers into adulthood.

Parents say "Tell us when you'll be home." They might be asking for common politics to give each other. But the adult boy or girl treats it as an experiment. The memories of teenage escort events start. With unconscious anger, they do not give you the kind of insolence they asked without question to an elderly resident.

Parents need to be not a parent when you're 25 years old. The 45-year-old is behaving like a teenager. I do not know I ever know. It is even more challenging for a less developed adult child if they are adults when parents behave like a teenager's parents.

Everyone's common sense always has an escape plan. You can even place it on the fridge.

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