What should my child do for optimal health?

Understanding healthy eating has become a huge challenge in our society. For decades, our ancestors did not have such a challenge. They ate how good they were and what they could catch. Before the appearance of agriculture, people ate what they were transporting naturally.

While studying nutrition for 46 years, I'm not an expert, as I'm not a scientist and have not done research. What I share with you is the experience of my own children and grandchildren.

Instead of setting up a specific eating habit, I'm going to write about what I learned about what's not eating.

Below is a list of things that do not nourish your children:

Corn Syrup
Glucose Syrup
Wheat Syrup
Rice Syrup
Potato Starch
white bread, white rice, rice, white pasta, white wheat flour
Processed grains
Fried potatoes
Raw materials
and olive oil
Preservatives and food colors – can you say it!

You may not believe that you feed a lot to your children, but if you look at the labels, many of these non-food items are found in packaged and refined products. Indeed, most of the refined foods contain one or more of these products.

For your children to be healthy, they should consume nutritious foods. Not only do one of the above items have nutrition, kidnap nutrition, creating endemic weight and health problems for society.

What are nutritious foods? The most productive foods are organic vegetables. Next fruits, then beans, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds – moderately. If you are not a vegetarian, the very nutritious forms of animal protein are organically fed to the grassy beef and lamb (beef and lamb change the fat composition and cause many health problems), free organic poultry and organic free eggs. Mercury-free fish are very healthy because the oil is supplied by important omega-3s.

For dairy products: Pasteurization kills enzymes in dairies and can cause problems such as asthma and allergies. Pasteurisation also causes milk and other dairy products to be difficult to digest and contribute to the disease. Unless you get very clean, raw organic milk and cheese from grassed cows, it's better to avoid dairy farms. Due to the difficulties of absorption of pasteurized dairy products, it is not a good source of calcium – despite the fact that the dairy industry claims. My kids raised the raw Alta-Dena dairy products and did it very well.

Suitable types of fats are also important. Coconut oil is best to cook and olive oil is best for salad dressings.

How can children be eaten in this way? The only way I know what I did when my three children are adults is to eat yourself. I decided that there was nothing in the house that I did not want to eat them so everything they ate was healthy while they were in the house. I never made sure I was eating. I brought up a healthy diet and they ate or ate to eat.

It is also important to determine the metabolism of both your own and your children, as William Wolcott can read "Metabolic Keyboard Diet". This will help you know if your child is better for animal protein or plant protein. While it is important to have a healthy choice in the house, it is equally important not to ensure that your child is eating like you. You may be a fast metabolizer who needs a lot of meat while your baby may be a slow metabolizer who needs more than one plant protein.

If you want to be healthy and healthy, it's best to read about healthy eating and decide for yourself what you want to do for your family.

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