What is the Military Brother?


My Personal Definition: A Military Brother Someone who grows as a child in a family where one or more parent is a "career" soldier and where children from base to base experience life in many different places and possibly in different countries.

Depending on when the child of the military is born and where the parent is in a military career, they may have a short or long exposure to the military lifestyle.

Military bunnies are very adaptable and friendly, generally they like to move in under 2.5 years, but never become fully integrated into the civilian world after they have grown up and leave their military family.

Early Experience With You

My father was one of the soldiers in the 1950s who came to the Korean War. Honestly resigned and returned to civilian life, but later decided to be the army's career. From the first grade up to high school maturity, I lived mostly in US military stations and our family was twice in Germany.

I have to admit that the castle climbs and travels through Germany where Roman monuments are held, reminding Roman civilization, and all the cities where famous battles were forged by the Allies in order to win the Second World War really had an impact on my child development.

The reality is that living up to the bases and the many rules and the culture of the military actually is life changing. Many people think that once they leave their identity cards and after they have grown up and left their lives, they are no longer a military brother.

During childbirth, a child does not know that their lifestyle is really different from the rest of society, but as they are older, they know more and more about the difference between the citizens who live in most areas in most areas of their lives.

There can be no doubt that the discipline and the patriotic values ​​that our children have for us can live.

How many warlords are there?

There is no official "census" or settlement of how many children have a career soldier today. Estimates are estimated from 9 million to 12 million and 16 million.

If you think we've been born and raised by three generations since the 1940s in military families, and today's fourth generation is "training". Assuming that there are at least one million career carriers serving twenty years of service and an average of 3 children per family there can easily be 9-12 million children who are today "military" women.

Military Life

For military soldiers growing up in the military family leads to our country's service. My brother went to the Air Force, and my youngest sister married the Career Army Officer (who also grew up in the army).

I always knew that military service was an opportunity for me, but I always wanted to know more about what's around me and I grew up in my life in Germany in the life of other cultures, arts, museums and travels. My mother and father grew up in farms in North Alabama and felt that my father's career in the army would provide a better living standard than we would be raising a farm.

I'm certainly not sorry to grow on different bases.

From the blue …

I did not really think so much about how much I differed from my age at age twenty-two since I started college and worked part-time in a press. career in graphic arts. But my dad, my mother and two sisters continued to move and missed them and made part of their lives – they discovered new bases, traveled and explored. [30] In my thirties, I realized that they were really very different from those around me – except for other military brats and I wanted to relate to others to compare notes and feelings.

In 1995, I decided to try my hand at starting a website that was a brand-new concept and I created the first version of the Military Brats Online . The website was trying to capture the unique histories and aspects of our various cultures early and link us to linking the many personal websites created by alumni groups and fraternities.

Today, the Military Brats Online is an active, interactive community and I get a lot of comments from the military bunnies who for years have felt that they are not at all considered the mainstream of society.

Resuscitation with Your Legacy

The great thing about the internet is to be a great tool to find "lost" friends, re-create friends and make new friends, and to recognize that we are not alone new generation children and young adults who grow here and overseas bases and jobs.

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