What is the cause of childhood obesity?

There are many reasons for rising childhood obesity today. The main cause of obesity is certainly the children who eat too much and / or do not exercise regularly or are generally inactive. Extra calories, which can not burn through exercise or exercise, turn into fat, and if this fat becomes overweight, you will be overweight. This difference results in weight gain and changes from children to children as some factors, such as genes, health problems, physical inactivity, and psychological problems also contribute to weight gain and may be the cause of obesity. Although the underlying disorder is the main cause of obesity, it is also closely related to people's lifestyle.

Poor eating habits and dining opportunities

Today, how we prepare food and the daily time is completely different from that of our ancestors in the old days. In the old days everything has to be cooked out of nowhere, but now with the help of modern equipment, time and effort will become simpler and faster. This is one of the reasons why fast-food restaurants dominate our diet.

Studying that kids are eating today; you will know what the main cause of childhood obesity is. Small changes in the daily diet can be of great help to prevent childhood obesity. The best healthy eating choice for vegetables and fruits instead of sugary foods. The most popular selection includes carrots and bananas, celery sticks, apples and even salads, which contain many vegetables. By helping children understand and select the right and better food in childhood, they will in all likelihood ensure that the right choices are made for adulthood.

Bad behavior is also one of the reasons. This group of children consumes nutrition that is low in nutrition and high fat. This group of kids consumes fast food, rich desserts and lots of sugar. They usually consume too much, and the food they consume contains plenty of empty calories. In other words, the food they consume does not provide sufficient nutrition for the children. The same group of kids eat a lot of sweets, which usually contain empty calories.

Lack of Exercise

Lack of regular exercise is a factor contributing to this being one of the reasons for childhood obesity. Children who spend a lot of time watching TV shows pose a greater risk to obesity than those who are playing or playing outside. This is usually true when children are eating fast during television or video games

In passage, children often love playing sports, enjoying leisure activities as entertaining forms and going to school. But one day, the kids are completely opposed to the pass. The sports that our kids love are nowadays watching television, computer games, surfing, chatting, and any game they only choose in the minds, heads, and hands. If you combine bad food choices and lack of exercise, there is a high chance that childhood obesity will ultimately lead to illness.


Genetics and DNA play a role in the causes of childhood obesity. Unfortunately, some children naturally tend to obesity. These children are born with genes that are weighing faster than other children. Children with certain genes eventually store fat more easily than other children. Many children do not know their genes, but there are steps they can take to overcome obesity.

Children's parents can also help in defining the chances of treating childhood obesity. If parents of children are overweight, it is likely that children will deal with the same problems. This makes it very important to keep your children, their actions and habits in mind. Our DNS can not be changed. Some minor changes can be made in other areas that can greatly improve the child's obesity. Some minor changes, such as going to school, playing outdoor games rather than children's home and avoiding movement. Simple and regular exercise can help children avoid childhood obesity.

Psychological Issues and Stress

Some studies indicate that 10% of people with mild obesity caused psychological or stress problems. Some children have difficulty in dealing with stress, so they consume food when they feel they are, and many children tend to react to negative emotions rather than being bored, worried or angry.

Every child has to struggle with different aspects of their lives. The causes of obesity can also be regarded as excessive consumption and insufficient exercise as weakness, lack of willpower or lifestyle choices.

The environment also plays a role in obesity. The home of the family is an important place for proper nutrition and proper physical activity. Attitudes, habits and beliefs regarding the choice of meals and family leisure are critical factors for a healthy relationship with food. Children spend a lot of time in school, their school dining choices are important and the school dining environment is affected.

Modern lifestyle has improved our quality of life, but contributes greatly to physical inactivity. Cars are used for short journeys and the number of hiking trips visited by average American children per year decreased. Today, about 10% of school students attend school as a large student of the student a year ago.

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