What is Gideon's lesson and its 300-man army?

"Gideon used fire because the electricity was exhausted, God said that he blows the horns and causes a great blow and gives them electricity," says Weston, 4.

I'm sure Gideon and his or her band would have been surprised if they knew how to solve the energy crisis in Israel at the end of the 11th century AD. But the problem of Gideon's day was a spiritual energy crisis. God called the spiritual rebirth of the most inhuman man, beginning with the destruction of idols.

Dustin, 4, is a newer version of what we can learn from Gideon: "I learned not to fight or fight." Add 300 trumpets and have the picture. "General Gideon must be one of the most unusual combat plans in military history, Jericho's request and the defeat of the Pharaoh army are in the Red Sea.

Gideon and his 32,000 people are more than four, God told Gideon that he was too much in the overcrowded army, Gideon announced that if anyone was terrified, go home when 22,000 soldiers hit the road, Face is probably Kodak's moment, 10,000 left, God has again run the numbers, still too many

Then came the etiquette test if a dog is drinking, you can stay with your knee drink from the water, start packing, read it in Chapter 7 of the Judges Book General Gideon's 300-g-faced soldiers or soldiers who drank like a corner

Ashley (8) explains what God matters: "God did not want Gideon to have too many people because they all worship."

God knows men are great poses. They often choose machism rather than the humility that finds strength in God. As for the rights of vanity, God reduced the numbers and developed a combat plan that leaves no doubt as to the source of their victory.

"From this you can learn that you can do anything to God," says Marshall, 11.

God takes a way to something small and does something great. People without something big and something small.

Do you remember David and Goliath? It was small or big. Do not forget the widow's two mites (Luke 21: 1-4). Jesus said it was a little money, but a great reward in the kingdom of God because he got everything.

"God will battle the battle with Gideon's army." I believe that God is willing to fight with my fighters, "says Emily, 8.

Today, many Churches and Christians are approaching service to God with mentality, all of which must be enormous, splashing and well funded.

Gideon did not end in the West Point, the angel of the Lord found that he was hiding from hostile forces in wheat fields, and the poor man only tries to make bread without being stolen. He is with you, you are a mighty man in worth, "said the angel of the Lord to Gideon, another Kodak moment, and I look forward to reading the next verse: "Do You Meet Me?"

dialogue, we learn that God is the angel of the Lord and only God can really make us courageous when we are afraid of our minds.

Think about it: God specializes in seemingly insurmountable chances. Almost 2,000 years ago, all the power of hell had gathered a man who stretched between two thieves in the morning, Jesus conquered them and the greatest enemy of all: death.

Remember this truth: "The Lord is with you, you are a mighty man!" (Judges 6:12).

Ask this question: Does God want to use that something very difficult?

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