What is child exploitation?

The exploitative words mean that they use their own benefits unfairly. Sexual harassment, for example, may take the form of exploitation of children when photographing a child in a compromising position with the intention of using photos for their own sexual stimulation or selling photos as pornographic. This may also mean kidnapping and selling children to prostitution, or just force them to be younger and weaker to do their will.

It is estimated that 25% of children exploiters are other children.

above the statistics, I was surprised. Then I started asking questions. My teenage friends told me that a group of local high school kids who go to school for money or drugs after Russian sex parties. Adolescents need freedom, but they need their boundaries. For a free article on defining borders, visit my website http://www.ArtichokePress.com .

The scope of abuse is so wide and varied that it is difficult to distinguish between a subject that may be agreed by professionals and not those who have experienced it.

Trauma can take many forms

The fact that sexual abuse of children affects varying degrees of violence and emotional trauma and can be defined in different ways depending on the culture, context, and purpose of the definition. However, the only consistent factor that is always present is that the child can not defend himself if someone has greater and stronger powers.

What many parents, the police, and others do not understand is that the loss of fear, intimidation and trust is often much more damaging and damaging than the actual act of sexual offense. All these emotional stresses cause confusion in roles, boundaries and sexual awareness.

Sexually abused children or teenagers need patience, understanding, support, and tools to treat trauma. There is a need for support and conviction that it is not their fault and that adults need to protect children and not hurt them.

The challenge for carers, teachers and parents to prepare children for any sexual exploitation, without getting rid of them. We must counteract their natural authority to the authority as we have a strong feeling of what and what should not be allowed to others in any circumstances. They need to know that they will support their efforts to act and to oppose the victim.

If for some reason they do not protect them in their own home, then they need to know that other supportive roads are also available. In this regard, school staff and other adults who are in contact with children should alert visual signals and the message of children in distress.

The victims of child sexual abuse are only so powerful and effective that they act in their own name as the defense system and the caring adults behind them. Use your energy to heal, reassure and love children in your influence.

Sexual Abuse: What is Child Use?

© 2006 Judy H. Wright, Parenting, Author and International Rapporteur

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