What do you teach us about health?

Some people reading this can enjoy the pinnacle's age. Others are struggling with difficult diagnoses. Yet others may feel trapped in bad habits. No matter where you are, one of the most important points of health preservation is at every moment of life. Most importantly, we hold the moment in front of us and live in the hope of hope. Sometimes the best-planable health outcomes of our health can ruin our happiness today. As a healthcare provider, I wanted to remind you of some of the key concepts of health science that I learned about child care again and again:

Stop and evaluate each breath, regardless of future goals.

Trust me more freely. Let yourself be filled with hope if you love a child like LOVE and LIFE.

Do not worry about tomorrow. Plan tomorrow's health, but appreciate what you've got.

Children are famous for the momentum, no matter what is in front of them. They are notoriously trusting implicitly. This is because there are so many illustrations that exist like a child like faith. The evidence is clear that the power of the moment comes from the spiritual agility and attentiveness of the present. Trust and hope at this moment are vital to health. The remarks of today's peak were inspired by a young Piraha boy I loved in the Brazilian jungle of Brazil:

I used to a community health group screening malaria in the rural areas of Northwest Brazil. One of our tasks was testing malaria and managing the cases we found. In my expectation, they are treating patients in bed with high blood pressure that is exhausted from all energy. Instead, I found that many kids played football in the fields while being positive for malaria. When handling each case, I called a young boy, Joaoot, to the clinic. The blood level of malaria was high, but not its energy or the zeal of life. He was about 7 years old and his strength was hidden behind his intense energy. I told her mother that she was malaria and that she should take the medicine for a few days. When we checked his temperature, he was surprised by his high fever. He was so energetic and he seemed to be facing such a difficult illness without being cautious in the world! I also remember that she asked her mother to let her finish her football before starting the malaria medication. At one moment he lived for a moment and was obviously accustomed to respecting the possibilities of life without or without malaria.

I hope Joao's story reminds you of appreciating today's health as you try to save health goals. From the patients I learned in all areas of life to begin with the HOPE. From the cradle to the grave, every breath is welcomed with our faith in children.

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