We have to stop bullying veterans

When it comes to the veterans of our nation, it seems that there are two attitudes to their presence.

"We love our veterans, whatever we support!"

"Veterans are just a machine of a war machine that deserves what they get!"

While many conservatives will never criticize the military or the police, whatever it is that other political ideologies such as liberals, libertarians or anarchists occasionally plead for veterans, "governmental means" and others – truth somewhere in the middle there is, as in most cases, the "This is This" question.

Yes, there are soldiers and police officers who have been badly in their service. The rape and the murders of Mahmudiyah were the trapping and murder of the 14th Iraqi girl Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi on 12 March 2006 and the killing of her family. In other cases, many Vietnam veterans admitted that Vietcong's soldiers and wounded body parts were murdered as trophies. And yes, it is true that many military conflicts are made by bad intelligence or malicious gains or profits.

At the same time, there are many reports of soldiers who did not obey orders that were counter-conscious and / or later expounded the things they disagree with in their service. Soldiers are not anxious throne! They are usually very intelligent people.

This is a great example of this, Major General Smedley Butler, America's most decorated navy in modern military history, writing the book "War is a Racket", which is the epitome of corrupt money-making systems in overseas wars. Smedley emphasized that soldiers should only be defended to defend their country, not to settle the world or to fight money in the name of hungry politicians. Very brave and intellectual statements!

Many people with a liberal tendency often criticize our soldiers as unconscious robots of the American military, but this can not be far from the truth. Everyone who wants to serve our country is obliged to swear an oath on the American constitution, with legal instruments that form the basis of our modern legal system, which the average American can not say. When our nation is harmed by an external attack or massive internal attacks, the army is deployed to handle the crisis. These men and women take care of their struggles in fighting, administrative, legal and survival skills in order to protect their community. While I agree that the task of the Americans to arm and participate in protecting their communities, 100% of our soldiers are devoted to this effort, so they are experts in this area. Since we have a military, we can go on the street, fly on the plane, and travel around the world, knowing that they have formed a military force and are prepared to protect us from the occupants.

People join the army for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes these reasons are selfish when they are clearly exposed to service and love the country. Regardless of the reason, the military recruitment is used to perform the primary task of his people. It rings everywhere in the world. Without military force, in the event of an invasion, poorly educated citizens should link up with limited resources to overcome such a threat. Although not entirely impossible, the consequences would be catastrophic, probably leading to the dismantling of their societies.

When sending soldiers to fight and die in conflicts that seem to have little to do with national security, please do not criticize the soldier. Criticize the decision maker who ordered the installation! Criticize the commander if he wants to criticize the governor of the state if he wants to criticize the lack of our spirituality if you want, but do not criticize the soldier. Most of the soldiers I know are stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan want to go home, many agree that wars have gone far enough and do not want to participate in such actions. Yet when they start out and the bullets that start at the rebels begin, they have no choice but to fight, all because of a decision maker who has decided that military action is needed.

Servants can be regarded as "government tools," but only if "what people" do not support them and do not speak to them. In the 1960s many Americans were forced to install Vietnam in accordance with the provisions of the provisions. Anyone who is willing to enter the army on the basis of a draft has been imprisoned. These young men who were forced to kill, fight and see the death of their friends were confronted with anti-war movements and made them ridiculous, and they were often called "baby killers". These men were forced to fight during an unpopular war because of the violation of law, but it was ridiculous to have tried to survive such a desperate situation. These events are completely unfriendly to our veterans. That's why veteran veteran veterans have soldiers for the highest PTSD events.

By contrast, thanks to the vigorous opponent of the American public, almost constant protests in the Vietnam War led to pressure from politicians and often returned their troops after 20 years in the area. Teams are now in a similar situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. The teams have been there for 17 years. Since the early protests of the modern anti-war movement, these wars have largely forgotten public opinion in recent years.

President Obama announced that he supposedly puts an end to the Iraq war in 2011, but so far more than 30,000 soldiers have remained permanently in the country, while Afghanistan was as active as ever in conflict. These wars are apparently not over. But who is wrong? Are our soldiers or legislators?

Our military service needs to keep a few things in mind during their service.

I must defend my nation
Protect family
to survive

Politics has little concern for soldiers. In fact, the unified "military justice system", a codified legal system aimed at controlling military behavior, obstructs public criticism of the president and the missions in the defense of morality in the struggle. Each year the congress must vote on those soldiers who have boots on the ground or make real congressional war declarations; these reforms would, in my opinion, be very useful. Regardless of whether the individual soldiers or the police are criticized for the degree to which we were.

Suppose you work with Nike, Reebok, Toyota, Burger King, HCA or any major company. It is quite certain that all these companies have done something terrible at some point; Damage to the environment, mismanagement of workers, forced labor, etc. Because. Because you work in a company that sells products with unethical means, does that mean you're evil? Probably not. You're probably glad you have a job to feed your family, or you really love the product, but you want to make the company more honest.

I think our soldiers and law enforcement organizers feel the same way. JOBs are doing! It is a job that often contains things that you disagree with, but you have to do it anyway. Obviously, an employee can speak or be rebellious, but in some cases threatens to lose their jobs or their lives. If a society as a society wants to reform a company, reform a soldier, or reform a government, it would be angry to give a normal answer to the leaders of such an organization. But to criticize those who do the functions of a given organization are not always justified and often gray, confusing and situational.

If you truly support our veterans, or if you really reject the missions that they are involved in, be part of the solution instead of simply raising hatred towards such an entity. Combine your community, show solidarity, make it clear to policy-makers that public feel, boycott, adopt or repeal new laws, and use diplomatic methods to transform such institutions.

The best way to support our veterans, those who sleep safely during the night or those who hurt us, are broke into participating in politics to prevent unnecessary wars and support harmful soldiers returning from these wars. Our soldiers and legislators, while not always behaving perfectly, are indispensable to the preservation of free society. If these men and women who are entrusted with keeping our trusty safe area under bad leadership, we have to look for the system, wait for the accountability of individuals, and have to work aggressively on the preventive measures of a recurring incident. While I agree that it is not healthy that soldiers and policemen worship flawless gods, it is not healthy to put all soldiers and police into the "corrupt" category. Our soldiers and policemen have their own views on war, politics and society. They are collective, yet they deserve to be treated as individuals. Just as the stereotyping of race or religion is not fair, it is not right to stereotypize people who work in a particular profession, whether they are a low treasurer or an inspecting officer.

Fairness and integrity exist in all areas of employment. Some staff members are proud of their work and want to take the lead in improving everyone's conditions, while others only make the minimum level because they just want to survive. Without living in the land of the Amish and ignoring your own belongings, the chances are we are all sinners in the things we buy, the places we work and / or things are together.

No one is innocent.

However, when it comes to the army, less than 1% of Americans serve. This is a work that is absolutely necessary, but less than 1% of our population is willing to do so. Some say that veterans do not deserve the benefits while others say they deserve more. I say that if you need to work that less than 1% of our population is willing to do so, I will vote for more.

If you hate wars, if you hate the rules, if you hate doing things, start your own or try to reform it. It is that simple! Dialogue is critical, but there is some sort of solution. Some problems will never recover completely as problems often develop or spread. Regardless of who somebody cares enough to do something and everything has happened so far that most soldiers have no desire to unnecessarily harm others and most police officers do not want to unduly ruin people. We need to find the "winged", and we must judge those who call the shots, the legislators and the chief executives who assign the final stamp.

Like all systems or ideologies, "bad apples", who give poor harvest. As a person I would like to start a day as a congressional or senator in the office, instead of combining the actions of police and soldiers, they are more interested in talking to them about how legislators can improve their system, making their work easier and less stressful.

If society is comfortable for policemen and soldiers because of bad leadership, we need to be more consistent and protest the humble cashier who works in a fast food restaurant that provides unhealthy food to the public. As Jesus Christ once said, "He that is without sin shall be the first stone."

Egypt as a big rapper when he once said, "Do not hate the player, we hate the game."

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