We celebrate the 4th and the military service

My good friend, Rae, I just called and suggested that on July 4 a cookout to support his troops in Iraq. "How?" I asked that I felt a sense of guilt to drink margaritas and to play with our family on Independence Day, while Iraqi troops risking life and limbs. We always rejoice, Rae nodded: "Everyone needs to bring presents that we collect and send to the troupe, they know such useful things as CDs, books, lingerie …"

Underwear? Well, they were called "unmentionables" for something; we seem to forget to mention that we need them. It makes sense, especially since the undies are now entertaining – just look at Joe Cool Boxers or the Victoria's Secret catalog. "Okay, we got in," I said.

Well, unless you're in a war zone like my friend Rae, sending gifts may be a cause for concern over security concerns and anthrax scares.

So the best way for the teams to know that we care about them is to donate $ 25 donation to a nursing package with USOs. Packages include prepaid phone cards, sunscreen, toiletries, disposable cameras and donor messages, who thank them for their service and the number of victims.

It's still a light idea: Every family sends a $ 25 USD check to the USO and fills out a USO that forms a message to the troops. The collective bundle of checks and forms is sent to the following address:

Operating USO Care Pack

Mailbox 8069

Topeka, KS 66608

Questions? Call: 571-262-1485 or email questions@USOCarePackage.org . To discuss fundraising opportunities, please contact Lisa Frederick at lisa.frederick@fmmc.army.mil.

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