Voodoo Gone Bad and Zombies' Armies Attack Little Caribbean Island

Voodoo Child – William Burke – ISBN 1-3432773081 ISBN 978-2-9914480-6-7 Published by William Burke (June 17, 2016). ($ 2.99 USD SRP) Author of the book as an e-book

Comes to the whole world and then to a small Caribbean island, this story passes through the world and so on

The action begins on the small island of Isle De Fantomas. He moves to the Deserts of the Middle East, then returns. The plot is an interesting blend of horror, mystery and voodoo. The most interesting part of this reviewer is the respect of a small religion, voodoo, in this case.

Yes, there are demons, devils, voodoo priests and hordes of undead. They fill the pages and take out a very mixed bag of horror and yet a detailed practice of a little-known religion. There are soldiers, military and mercenary troops, and evil dear scientists and others who are not so nice.

The action on this small island is surrounded by an ancient and forbidden voodoo rite from a dark book that Ortiz Bush or voodoo priest. The general announced a number of titles by the prime minister of the island's life minister, the chief dictator, and so on. For. This book has the murder of the previous voodoo priestess. The bush's strange ability to understand the books written in the languages. The possessor and bush of the ancient voodoo rites, who perform rituals, leaves most of them unused.

The general, the bush and the bride, Lavonia Dawes, is in a dark room that performs a ritual that is darker than anything he has done for centuries. While this happens, his nephew Lieutenant Miguel Ortiz hunts and tries to kill Sarafina, the voodoo priestess of the current island. One thing leads to the other, and with an incredible amount of mistakes, mistakes and simple weak assumptions, the theme of the book exploded in the reader's mind, stirring up the zombie uprising.

Baron Criminal, craving voodoo spirit of cigar consumption, will face his old lover Gira, the spirit of love and fertility. This is a match between voodoo ghosts and so everything is getting darker.

Talos corporation, a mega-multinational corporation that searches for a lot of ragged and secret ideas, but mainly works on things like voodoo zombies. Maggie Child, in the Iraqi Desert, a Blackhawk pilot is actually the protagonist of this tale, and although he did not enter Chapter 8, he is the protagonist of the book. One of Talos's attempts to create super-soldiers. James Gallo, appears instead of his friend and predecessor. Steven Caine. Maggie escapes Glen Logan's random aide at the Talos facility, where dark attempts are taking place. His uncle, Rip Flowers, enters the picture and begins the fun.

All these characters end on the island and engage in the zombie apocalypse that takes over the island. Here is the real horror of the story.

Any reader will be impressed with this rather long book. The reader's interest in the first part of the Burke Zombie Uprising series. This is critical, and probably every reader is waiting for the next and in series books to breathe.

5 Stars.

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