Video Games – Training Tools for the Army

Imagine if part of the working time is part of playing video games? Sounds like fun? The young military recruits who have been in the game already long before their high school maturity is a pleasant reality.

Playing video games is not just fun. The army found it not only useful educational tools but also effective recruitment tools. For many young men, the dream come true for work and for making cool, war-torn videos.

Today trained soldiers are children of the digital era. These are the children who grew up at the Game Boy. This form of military training is not new. Flight simulators were used in the 1940s to train potential pilots. The modern technology of games has made training more sophisticated today than war. The army also has a teaching and PhD thesis called TRADOC. They add an excitement and excitement to the simulation of a video game to get the 19 and 20 year olds who are serving and hanging out the game if they are out of service. People who develop video games have been offered by the military to design games for military training purposes. They think this kind of training improves and strengthens hand-eye coordination.

Soldiers are well acquainted with video games when they are down. This is one of the most enjoyable leisure activities. Some people really depend on it. One of my favorites was one of the most wanted first-person shooter games, Halo 2. Although live training is indispensable on site, the military believes that electronic simulations are also needed. Some soldiers reported that during the fight they felt as though they were actually playing a popular video game. The line between reality and fantasy is sometimes distorted. There are soldiers who find that Halo and Call of Duty games allow them to perform real combat situations.

Virtual weapons of these weapons used in these games are those used by Iraqi soldiers. As soldiers are much better known for armament today than their predecessors, the trains become easier. This was due to the rise of first-person shooter games before joining the army. Live people, objects, monsters, etc. in the virtual reality of video games. To shoot and blow up, it helps the generations of soldiers less restrict the real weapons to show real enemies.

During the war and video games, the soldier's purpose is the same: killing and surviving the other person. Obviously, real war is not necessarily the same experience in the world of virtual reality. Video games can not make soldiers to the horror of fighting and the death of innocent people. They may be helping them become better shooters, but emotional trauma may be more difficult to deal with and leave. The games are fun because they are not realistic. In the war, soldiers can not just press the restart button and launch a new game.

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