Unknown soldier: a comic masterpiece

Joshua Dysart 2009 comic book, Unknown Soldier, is a massive and complex story of war-torn Uganda. The book is violent, graphic, and "in your face," but you can change the comic industry forever.

This kind of book that reaches, grabs your throat and never leaves it.
Vertigo Unknown Solider is not only good; this comic book is a legend and only deserves a place on the bookcase besides the legendary works like Osamu Tezuka and Will Eisner's contract with God.

This series is a convertible. One IGN commenter commented: "This is actually one of the most compelling new comics I have ever met and I'm convinced that we are talking about the coming years of this series."

Unknown soldier follows Dr. Moses Lwanga returning to his ancient home in the ravaged regions of Northern Uganda, where a brutal military militia, the so-called Lord Kony-led Resistance Army, is a bloody civil war against the corrupt government forces of Idi Amin Dada Oumee. Meanwhile, the Ugandan people are trapped in this vicious and violent clash of vicious jaw where murder, rape and genocide are life forms.

Thanks to this terrible conflict, Uganda is currently the longest, least reported humanitarian crisis in the world, and the Uganda "nation over more than a million deserted people alone in the northern region", so "the third is the world's narrowest residence."

Understanding a complex political background is crucial to the recognition of Dysart's brutal tale. Fortunately, Dysart is doing a great job in Uganda in history, politics, and culture throughout the book.

Once in Uganda, Dr. Lwanga deals with the ideas of peace and pacifism against the cruel realities of a bloody and violent civil war. "Africans need to change Africa and have to do violence," says Dr. Lwanga. "We, the people, must teach our children, the peace of their mother." The prosperity of their mother. "And in a prophetic way, Dr. Lwanga asks," But will we believe if we continue to respond with violent violence? "

What follows is an unforgettable story of man who is trying to empower the Ugandan people from evil and corruption.
If you appreciate complicated characters and hidden stories, put yourself in the local library or comic book store of your pet and sprint start this comic masterpiece

But a precautionary, Unknown Solider reaches, grabs your neck and takes it to a bloody hell

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