UN – Stricter measures against childhood soldiers

As the quantified number of children's armies in armed conflict increases, the UN Council has recently warned that it will take more stringent measures against military organizations encouraging such activities. But the announcement was rather strange, as the UN has no firm promise of possible sanctions against offenders.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon must somehow write cards on how to protect children from enrolling armed conflict nations or by continuing to kill poorly prepared young children and their lives in the war.

In a recent report, Ban 18 cited civil war in 13 countries involved in armed conflict. Most of them in Asia and Africa are soldiers who are children and can join in live encounters. Such government troops included Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Somalia and Sudan, including rebel groups.

According to Ban, things get worse, more children are injured in warfare, and the Security Council must have a railroad to stop the innocent minds of teenagers.

He added that armies and military combat militias should be punished by banning ammunition and other military aid. Other financial support may be limited if you do not stop using children as combatants.

The Council already expresses its wish to review previous provisions on children affected by armed conflicts and to take action.

In the latest Unicef ​​documents around 250,000 children sold worldwide. But critics said that this number could not be the entire population, as many have not yet registered.

Since the Council is facing debts on the children's soldiers, many provisions do not yet have to be discussed as to how sanctions will be implemented and if the nations affected by armed conflict are willing to cooperate.

This is a really important issue that needs immediate action plans.

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