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"Waterfront" For their first priority tasks, the unit must unleash the fires of civilian plants! Divide the soldiers into two teams; line the teams side by side. Put a bucket full of water on each row's head and enter the first person in each row with a large glass full of water. Place an empty bucket for each team that is approx. 35 meters away. Blow the whistle or say "GO!" the first person runs to the empty bucket, pours the water and returns to the team with the empty glass. They have to pass the cup in front of their next teammate who fills the cup, runs into the bucket, passes the water and brings the cup back to the next player. When each team member ran and the end of the game resumes. To see which team took the most water, put the sticks in each bucket and compare the plumbing.

"Sergeant Drill says," It's a simple game, Simon, with a tricky army. Then you'll need a drill sergeant. Any volunteer? Oh yes, the respectable mother and father. Try to dress a hat, sunglasses and a shaved head. To run the game, the drill sergeant will give commands such as: Drilling sergeant runs for 10 seconds. You may be responding to Sergeant Yeah Drill. If the drone sergeant does not say, "Sergeant Drill says," and some kids keep commands, they have to go bust. This will really make kids feel like exercises with the army!

"Pack Up Relay" Find or lease full size backpacks and things that can get in it (canteens, compasses, food packs, plates etc.). As a team, it requires one package and one batch per person. The teams line up with their package. The first person must put the 1st item in the pile on the package, take the package, put the bundle into the package, put the package back and return to the team. Continue this until all the children have picked at least one item. Kids will love this game because they work as a team.

"Missing in Action (MIA)" Cover plastic armies from outside and inform their soldiers that there are soldiers who miss the action. Send your soldiers to a Supreme Mission to find and get as many plastic army men as you can. You can keep the score on how many people are being brought back.

"The balloon pop" This is a perfect game to lend children to each other. Before the party blow up a lot of balloons and place a sheet of paper containing various instructions, such as "Do 10 Push-Up", "Run 2 Laps", "Do 15 Jumping Jacks," "Tell Another Soldier 15 Jumping Jacks, "" Just Promoted, "etc. Kids will love the balloon jump and find out what's on the order. It's fun and creative.

"Rescuing the Wounded Soldier" Shares the soldiers into two teams. Give each team a gurney (tarpaulin or beach towel) and a toilet paper. In the team, one person will be the "injured soldier" and 40 meters away from his teammates. When he says, "Go," the team ends in the courtyard of the injured soldier. First, the toilet paper is closed with the injured soldier, then moved to the car and finally returned to the starting position (I suggest that a child keep a corner). This game is guaranteed to be fun!

"Mining Area" Let's start by putting a lot of water balls in the yard and seeing every soldier. Try to try to cross the minefield without any balloons being broken.

"Grenade Toss" Before the party would prepare some bean bag from camo material and fill them with rosewood. You can also buy beanbags from your local party or fabric store. Place the cement blocks about 3 meters away and place them onboard them. Then set different types and sizes of pop bottles for the targets. Give the soldiers the beanbags and let them target. Try different distances to increase the difficulty.

"Watergate War" Let's start by building two barricades for kids to hide behind them (they can be painted from cardboard and spray). Give the children the balloons and watch the fun before it unfolds before your eyes. Do not forget, you can not have too much garnet!

"Obstacle Stop" I would suggest that this game be last set in the order of Birthday Party Games. This will be the hardest and most exciting one. Here are some ideas about the various obstacles you can embed into the Ultimate Course. Use a deck as a board to move between water barriers or cement blocks. Get some tire for soldiers to move or pass. Use a 5 gallon bucket on which soldiers stick to the bottom. Make some obstacles for running soldiers and weaving, such as trash cans or buckets. Throw some physical exercises, such as jumper pads and acne. While the soldiers are running the obstacle, make sure it's like a drill sergeant. There must be lots of shouting and encouragement. You can shoot a gun or throw water grenades. This Ultimate game must be, so you have to take the time to plan and have fun!

Do not forget to visit the Ultimate Kid's Birthday Party website and submit the ideas and prizes of the Kid's Birthday Party. The Grand Prix is ​​a Sony Cybershot DSC-P93 camera. Do not forget, because the race ends May 31, 2005. Good luck!

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