Tuscany Matilda – Medieval Noblewoman and Soldier in a War

Throughout the European history, the family's bloodlines determine your place in society and in your wealth. There was always someone who shook the door and took its land near luck, and made the medieval period a celebratory cauldron of intrigue and bloodshed. In this world, Matilda was born in 1046, the daughter of the incredibly powerful and rich Boniface III. Let's talk about bloodlines; he was in the age of the strongest Northern Italian prince. In the legacy of 1007 Brescia, Canossa, Ferrara, Florence, Lucca, Mantua, Modena, Pisa, Pistoia, Parma, Reggio and Verona were counts (or lord), and by appointment of the Tuscan Margrave from 1027 until the murder of 1052. One year later his brother's sister, Beatrice died, and in 1055 a brother Frederick died of Henry III in Germany. Emperor, and left the eight-year-old Matilda inheritor to his father's huge lands and numerous titles. Their enemies welcomed their hands and thought about how easy it would be to force her daughter's kingdom if necessary. How bad and how remarkable was the life of Canossa Matilda – Gran Contessa ("the Countess"). In 1969, his world was an important man, and important events and records clearly demonstrated that he and his family's armies and resources protected the popes against so-called antipopes! Arduino della Padule is a military instructor; he taught him to ride with spears and hoods and with his ax and sword. In his adulthood, he was no less than the commander of his army. The child was now a female warrior, and she had fought armies and military genius against opponents like IV. King Henrik and Prince Capua Prince Jordan. Successful expeditions were ordered or ordered against Ferrara (1101), Parma (1104), Prato (1107) and Mantua (1114). In 1111, in Bianello, and the royal royal royal royal royal royal emperor of Emperor Henri Emperor of the Royal Empire. His enemies were dead or licked in their wounds in Germany. In 1115 Matilda's own death was caused by gout! He left a huge empire and his heir or anyone like the caliber could be considered to be the leader to preserve everything, leading citizens of large cities taking over control of huge land, and the age of urban states began in northern Italy. In the picture above Matilda meets Hugh of Cluny and IV. Henrik Henrik with Roman Emperor. (Completed in 1115)

Do you have to suffer a lot, but just to love Florence, to acknowledge it? He and his father cultivated the city with wealth, sight and protection. During his lifetime, Matilda built the fourth ring of walls (Dante called the "old walls") and in 1075 he gave the town the free Communist dignity that formed the foundation of the historic Florentine Republic. The city, which became the jewel of the Renaissance

. His inheritance is located in every rock of the metropolis, and Michelangelo himself said that he and his family were descendants of this woman; Tuscany matilda

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