Toy Soldiers – The Video Game

Toy Soldiers is a tower defense game that was known to have been incredibly frustrating and limiting in the game. Fortunately, creators eliminate this problem, enabling them to gain access to any defense and make a more strategic sense of it. The ability to give the gun to you is always rewarding!

The title Toy Soldiers fighting WWL, a welcome change from any game that literally designed WWll (I do not have to tell what I'm referring to!). a bit of a history lesson for the more primitive combat methods than used in WWll. The story itself is simply displayed with slides to repeat the most important battles. As the name suggests, soldiers are games, not characters, and the game looks at a lot of wars from the child's point of view.

It has a nostalgic feel as if trying to show the days when young boys ran out of school and played with their friends with war games, using weapons using guns, and so before the Xbox word had ever been invented. The vehicles shown in the game are typical for the period, Whippet Tanks and Sopwith Camels are at your disposal. After entering a tank unit, you can exit the upgrade or new build of the new unit, but within a short period of 10 seconds. The tank destroys itself and some innovative attacks start, which results in a very intense game. This is a very delightful supplement as the containers are mobile and powerful and can easily reverse the battle.

After the additions that are very welcome, they do not quite leave far from the tower of the statue and I think this is an area that could have been much better. Of course, there are compulsory big bosses appearing at each level to try and get rid of it. At this stage, lack of ingenuity and the use of defense games to make it seem too easy to find it satisfactory.

At the same time, it gets a little redundant in the extended game that is available through various game modes. After the first campaign is completed, the second opens the new sections and the German units. Your spirit is well inspected in survival mode where it needs to be built and improved while the hostile fire is being overwhelmed by an attack. The Elite difficulty is practically completely separate, as the units will only fire if they have direct control.

Overall, this is a perfectly good game. It offers great entertainment and some interesting screws. I felt that there was something missing and could not help if a few stitches had been applied, a good game could easily be a very good if not a great game.

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