Too many Soldiers have died in Iraq

Many people say that too many soldiers have died in Iraq and no one wants to see the US troops die. But some people do not recognize that many soldiers died because of Iranian insurgents. Yet the same people who say that too many soldiers died in Iraq do not want the USA to stop Iran from doing so. They do not want another war. Indeed. Nobody likes war, but if we're worried about the number of deaths in US troops, why do not we say anything about all the other unfortunate deaths?

What about the 42,000 deaths per year in cars and the Autoworker trade union? What about 200,000 years of hospital infection and HMO lobbies? What about the Kurds Saddam killed? What about the 911 families? What is the promise to kill Israel on the map to kill all people, women, and children with nuclear weapons from Iran? Hmm?

Many blame Donald Rumsfeld for all the deaths, but in response I say it; The Lord, who needs the Secretary of Defense, just put the trash or a homosexual attorney. To kiss the enemies of our enemies who have hated us and want to kill us. Instead, can you get rid of Rumsey and let America turn around and take another 911 in the ass? Of course, a good plan; Should we rather go to hell? Consider this in 2006.

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