Today's Heroes

In today's modern world, more heroes have come to change the world. For children, heroes can be supreme, wonderful women or naruto. In a simple way, the children decided to impart their gratitude to imitation. As they grow, the way in which the real heroes are determined varies from fantasy to reality. For nurses, their hero is nothing more than Florence Nightingale, or rather "The Lady Lamp". Nowadays 9 11 has cited the drastic situation where heroes died without armor. Families and specialists who, for the sake of global consciousness, have been relentlessly bloodthirsty. Children, young people and adults died during the event without saying goodbye to their loved ones.

What is the hero? A hero is a person who knows what courage, sharing and love is. A real hero knows how to divide his resources and is even ready to risk his life for humanity. There is no need for someone to be truly brilliant, a realistic hero, a sense of devotion, without expecting him.

For nurses their hero is Florence Nightingale. During the Crimean war, he helped the wounded soldiers and even skilled nurses to offer free services to war victims. In the long run, it has created a school for those wishing to enter the nursing profession. Despite being from a wealthy family, it still decided to serve people and develop the nursing system by maintaining aseptic techniques to prevent contagious diseases from being transmitted from one patient to another. With her commitment and consent to nursing professions, many nurses would look at her and see her as a real hero.

Furthermore, those who died during the 9-11 attacks can now be regarded as modern heroes. Some may say that only victims of inhuman acts of terror, but for others, change global awareness. Those who have entered the world's most destructive event have been feeding their family with traumatic experiences that they will never forget

There are many potential heroes today. Most of them are still alive, and there are some who have decided that they are regular, yet they serve their purpose well, such as teachers, soldiers, missionaries, and so on. Respecting their country by meeting the needs of their people.

do you know the person next to him is the next legendary hero? It is only the understanding that the world needs you to expand its noble duties and obligations to its compatriots.

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