The twenty-minute war

Jannsun Rader started the work of Matrix after being tired of trying to write the great American novel about five years ago after the war. He was old to the Web Zone designer, but did he know? Who cares? His works were made through satellite and while his job was good, his online agent account was growing and growing. He grabbed his phone, his digital companions, and headed down. The wind settled and the surface of the GPS was 5.5 ounces on the surface of the water. He was comfortable with thinking about satellites over cloud and tracking his exact location anywhere on the Earth's surface. One-hand sailing was certainly not as it used to be. Now isolation was more an illusion than reality. If it gets serious, its position will be labeled by satellites and a floating craft will be present on the spot within two hours. Hell, you probably see another photo of your dreaded face. Of course, the insurance account was serious, but it was the law. The illusion, however, was delicious, he really felt that he was the last (or first) man on earth. From horizon to horizon to days, and not a sign of human residence.

He walked to the rear of the cockpit and sat behind the wheel while the car pilot quietly turned so much that the next waypoint was previously in the Global Positioning System software. Through the mist he saw the Aranyhát bridge in the distance or what remained, as the earthly changes began. It would be good to return to San Francisco or San Frantasia as it has been called since it was destroyed in Richter's 8.9 rush in the previous year.

Radaran Jannsun saw a large freighter coming on the horizon. These cargo barges were enormously powerful. As he approached, he saw the helicopter go and go back to the ground. This is the crew. These new ships were completely robotic when they reached the twenty-five-kilometer border. Then the crew was propagated and the ship sailed under the guidance of the autopilot and the top satellite system. Because they were so big they could not turn around to avoid small craftsmanship, such as Jannsun, so protection was an incredibly loud alarm horn that had sparked Jannsun several times. The klaxon will be launched with a five-mile separation if the ship's radar assumes a possible collision. After hearing the sound of the horn, his small craft had come out of the way of the steel floating town. There was still no guarantee. Many large cargo ships entered the harbor with the debris of small ships caught in the anchor chain, and the steel crossed through the arch.

When Jannsun watched the sails pull his boat over the little waves, he had to laugh when he remembered his recent war and rumors of war. It happened between Marshall Islands and Hawaii when it happened. Obviously it was a secret, but it seemed as if it was older and the more it joined, the more secrets he accepted.

He heard from a guy who heard of a guy who knew a guy who was actually involved. According to the guy, the war lasted for twenty minutes, give or take a few seconds. Computers told each other how many people would win and the outside limits of destruction. But the loser side was new to the computer war and insisted on shooting a real nuclear bacon. I would not make this mistake again.

Jannsun was aware of the holo projection of soldiers and destruction devices on the battlefield and street corners but was unaware of Time Benders Mach 50 anti-gravity machines. Machines that were so fast that they were able to capture an enemy missile before the physical body could fully ascend the boot cushion. The machines were so quick to say it was literally – bent time. These time miners said that they could move from one of the states' states to a foreign battlefield before an enemy warrior's hand circled the flame chamber of his rifle. They could be so fast before an enemy technician's fingers floating over a computer keyboard in an underground bunker could hit the "Enter" key. Two seconds, maybe less. Some have gone so far as to say that the latest stealthy, pebbly things were so fast that they actually bowed in time and turned back slightly to see the enemy's shoulders as the enemy's idea first occurred in his mind. Time stamps. San Frantasia to New York in two seconds, maybe four. The delay was to give the regulator the opportunity to gather their thoughts on the spot. They did not allow passengers.

These crafts were not accompanied by man. During the nineties, it was found that human pilots did not know anything about 12 "G" before they got out of their body. This was called "G-lock" and meant the end of super-powerful human combat aircraft. These robo-drone super-planes have recently left teenagers coming from underground bunkers. This was the ultimate synchronization that children (future warriors) have been training for sophisticated and constantly evolving three-dimensional video games for years. The XX. Hundreds of athletic pilots / engineers were a thing of the past, just another item. The technique was on the verge of time travel, and the American teenagers were those with the small buttons of the buttons.

In the case of twenty minutes of war, five enemy shakes are ca. "No Nucs Today" was the joyful news on CNN tonight. At least not on the American soil. The media, which was fed by the steering wheel, seemed the enemy was so ineffective that all their missiles became obscured and exploded in the silos, but both sides knew the truth. Jannsun knew the truth, or as much as his personal information. Who knew something? Apparently the detection technology finally pulled out the control technique. Maybe there was no truth. Things were so strange that sometimes Jannsun suspected that everything had happened and we would only play selective remembrance.

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