The structure of the mafia

Every regional mafia consists of different families or bands. The no. Depending on the region, it may range from some to 100. Each family has a separate deal and tends to stay apart. But sometimes your business is intertwined with each other, depending on whether they are close to each other and the nature of your business.

Mafia has a very effective structure. This has prevented senior members of the family from being responsible for criminal enterprise. And any lower-ranking Mafia can easily be released from jail by cleaning records and bribing judges. The cops were also the payroll officer of the Mafia and looked "differently" when the mafia took part.

Each Mafia Team leader was Boss or Don. He made the decisive decisions and ultimately all the mafia income. He had the authority to check the mafia members and resolve the disputes.

Under Don, the boss. The boss is the second headquarters, but with the power he has changed with various mafia families. In some cases, he exercised tremendous power and some were relatively less. Some of the lower backbone was made to make his death or retirement easier for Don.

There is also a position between Don and the Underworld, the Councilor. He behaves like Don's adviser and must make fair decisions based on impartiality and must do a good part of the mafia, but rather thanks for personal revenge. Don made this praise genuinely, but sometimes the members of the Mafia are also elected. The Counselor works the same way as Don often and commands great respect as Don. But he does not participate directly in the mafia's criminal business.

Capos are underneath underneath. The number of Capos changed among families and depended on the size of the Mafia family. Capo is like a lieutenant or a captain who led the family's own section. The Mafia is doing the concrete business. Capo can only be considered successful if you are looking for huge money for the Mafia. He retains a part of his income, and the rest hand over to the suburban and eventually Don. Under Capo are the perpetrators and the soldiers. Made-men are the family's ultimate executives who have proven themselves and respect their respect for their Mafia counterparts. Soldiers are the lowest Mafia members. All "dirty work" is being carried out and usually arrested by police. Sooldiers commands a bit of respect and gets less money. The number of soldiers and timber products in Capo can vary greatly.

Mafia is also using companions. Staff are not actual members of the Mafia, but people dealing with criminal businesses. The mafia works on it. They may be drug dealers, burglars, murderers, lawyers, or even the police and politicians who are on the mafia's payroll.

The Mafia Ranking's Terminology

Traditional Terminology

1. Capo di tuttu capi ("The Chief of Bosses")

2. Capo di Capi Re (honorary office or retired member who is equivalent to the member of the emeritus, literally the "Chief of the Bosses")

3. Capo Crimin ("Crime Boss", known as Don – Head of the Crime Family)

4. Capo Bastone ("Club Head", the so-called "Vice President" Second Command for Capo Crime)

5. Consigliere 6. Caporegime ("Regime Head", a Captain who instructs "crew of twenty or more Sgarriste" or "soldiers")

7. Sgarrista or Soldato ("soldier") are members of the mafia who serve primarily as a wing)

8. Picciotto ("little man", a low-ranking member who is "executive")

9. Young Onore (affiliated tag, usually of non-Italian origin)

Italian Mafia Structure Capofamiglia –

Capofamiglia – (Don / Chief)

Counselor – (consultant / consultant / right-hand man)

Sotto Capo – (Vice President / Second Order)

Capodecina – (captain / capo)

Men D & # 39; onore – ("Men of Honor" / Made Men / Soldiers)

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