The role of the soldier in the Indian defense

Every country, whether large or small, needs defense forces. Defense forces have three types – army, navy and air force. The strength of each force depends on the territory of the country. The real defender of the country and its citizens is the soldier, not the politician. The protection and security of the country's borders is very large. The nation's security and stability depend to a great extent on it. A soldier's life is disciplined and a week, and a weak person can not become a soldier.

After joining a soldier, a person needs a rigorous training. This is very difficult and difficult for him. You must obey your commander's command. He must act in the order of his superiors. When he is in war, he faces death. It's a normal thing. He fights to the last to save his mother. From a home away from his parents, his wife and children, a soldier's life is really a great sacrifice. He's the Guardian of the Earth's Most Duty

When strike, communal conflicts, floods come to our army to help people. Each person, whether a teacher, a clerk, a doctor, or an employee, plays his role in his own way. But a role played by a soldier in protecting our country's borders is unique. At the border of Himalayas, Kashmir and Pakistan, the soldier took his place. These areas are very cold and everything is freezing. He has to face so many difficulties.

What the government pays is not great for its service. The state of the soldier's life is truly pathetic. During the attack on porcelain in India, the state of our army was pitiful. They had no warm clothes; there is no modern weapon without proper food and other things. That is why our army suffered a lot. But now the government has taken some action to improve social, economic conditions. The motto of soldiers is that "his men" do not answer,

They "just have to do and die".

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