The Psychology of Child Soldiers

Although worldwide it is known that child soldiers are militarily beneficial, the psychological effects that are considered a child are less well-known and acknowledged, especially as compared to adult soldiers. Children's soldiers are easy to incorporate into warfare, because they can be strengthened, brainwashed, or feared in view of their age, size, and place in society. Children can be kidnapped out of their homes and forced to recruit, but often children are united because they have no choice; they are confronted with misuse of poverty or attempt to take revenge against them, or against their friends and family.

Orphans who were born out of family or whose family members were all killed during the conflict were the highest in the record. The militia men who camouflage the family easily feed them, or have never experienced or are, obscure the perception of the role of each family member and their place in the family. But if wicked by fake care, they often overwhelm the fear of screaming or complaining about the circumstances in which they find themselves. Regardless of attenuating circumstances, they have run away, or have been forced or abducted in the army, the child soldiers are dependent on the said military for food, shelter, and protection – whether they like it or agree with them. For this reason, they have to obey them when they are being sexually slaved, cooked, cleaned, or transported ammunition.

As they depend on the military, they are psychologically linked to the convenience of meeting their basic needs. They are very loyal to adults around them; they are fighting together with friends and family because they are too young to be able to understand them because they are living with an example or fighting for the new "family" created by the military in their minds. These children, however, often do not know the dangers they can face in the battle or the actions of the struggle of the battles. They do not realize that when the gun is pulled to a gun or cut to another guy, the person dies. Often children have the impression that a person may still rise and condemn the fact that they have ever been killed and I ask him to fall.

By rebuilding smaller weapons and light weapons, kids are now better able to fight. If children are the future, the future must be seen as sacred, preserved and protected from this depopulated corruption and no longer should be exploited by children for reasons that they know nothing about leaving them without their children too quickly and lacked a healthy understanding of relationships, family, independence, or education.

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