The Long Historical War Tales – A Remarkable Little Child of the Second World War

Ba ba black sheep is any wool,

Yes sir, no sir, three bags are full.

One for my lord, one for the dama, and one for the boy who lives on the track.

The little boy lived in the bar in one of the farmhouses.
The houses did not have electricity because the cables are not aesthetic. The little boy no longer lives there; dropped into the pond and drowned. The lake no longer exists; It was full.

Choo was not a little boy. He does not have wool, but rather replaces.
De Choo is fortunate. He's got a big brother, so every brother's old dress. She is very proud of wearing a blazer and a cap. He likes uniform.

He loves his big brother. When he was a brother, his brother bicycled to Victoria Perambulator and pretended to be a horse and a wagon and rode to the street. Neighbors did not accept it. His brother would not need his younger sister; so the baby clusters came.

Now he teaches Choo to climb the top of the farm. There is a mansion with a large arch, where a horse and a car can lead. There is an old trainer in the field, and Choo and his friends play in it. At night they get up on the roof because they are not allowed.
Podge, their sister went up to the sun, because night can not be allowed. You can not afford to play with your siblings if you have adventures. One day he saw the ladder that a worker had left and climbed. He sat on the top of the arch with the people. She was not afraid. Young children are not afraid to go up. They do not know how to get down. Choo's brother had to climb up and save him because there were no men. There was a war.

His brother is in a preparatory school. She was six at the age of six. It is very sad for Choo to return to school after the holidays. She sits down to the bottom of the bed. Kim's dog climbs onto the bed and goes through it. The little boys can cry when nobody sees them, and Kim will not tell because she is a very loyal dog.

Mairzy swollen and bloated jacket and spear bark divey

A kiddle divey, right?

Yes! Mairzy doats and desserts and little lamzy divey

Another kiddle divey, not you,

The little boy learned to become a gentleman. He has got an appropriate riding course to learn how to take good seats and keep a straight back. He also went to school, but he was in trouble with the letters and he always put the S back.

Because it was a war, there was no beef or pork, so he had to live from the ground. It was fortunate to have lived in the land of milk and honey. He did not like milk, but he liked it. The very thick browny is yellowish honey, white on top. The magic combs were beautiful and the bees were not afraid of the hive. The fruit of the land was delicious. Apples and pears, cherries and plums from the orchard as well as strawberries and blackberries while traveling along the roads. Even the vegetables were fine. The asparagus served hot butter (cholesterol was not invented) and the peas he and his sister used. His job was to find the eggs. The hens would place them in all sorts of funny places and put them in a bowl to see, dry or float. Eggs were packed in newspapers to keep them. Much of the fruit was cooked and bottled by the mother. Salt in large pieces like a bread.

Perhaps there was not much meat in butchers, but there were pheasants, and the hills were filled with rabbits. Kim the dog loved to chase the rabbits. One day her mother, talking to a friend, remembered that half a dozen rabbits were not in the kitchen cupboard. He did not want his little pet to be astonished at the death, and hurried to the kitchen. He found Choo silently caressing the rabbits and saying "beautiful din din, beautiful din din". He was a very pragmatic boy.
He was a good soldier and knew his duty as well as his country and suffered from his daily dose of cod.

He ate other things. Once in Tintagel, her mother, while watching Choo, slept, found that her mouth was foaming. He was looking at his ankle and half a million left. The doctor said he had stomach for six months. He had not heard of Adam and ate from the toxic, red berries that were said to not eat. Her mother cave her salty water to vomit. Instead, he should have been placed in the car. When you put it in the car, it was important (there was not much gasoline, too good), it was always bad for her best clothes.

Humpty Dumpty was sitting on a wall

Humpty Dumpty was a huge hit, all royal horses and all the king men

could not bring Humpetts back together.

Choo was a surgeon, but he's not a war yet. He sat down the stairs, and one passed his lips. She dropped off her pony and made a big hole in her knees. Blood was everywhere. His big brother still asked if he was going to die.

He was already under the surgeon's knife. She and her sister cut off her tonsils. On the kitchen cupboard, where the pheasants and the rabbits took away the natives. They remind the surgeon of something that looked like mother's tea filter, a little muslin on top, and a few drops of liquid (ether). Perhaps the doctor forgot something and her mother lent her a tea filter.

The catastrophe struck. Scarlet fever. The village was quarantined. Nobody came except with the doctor. Even the loyal Lily left his post. Choo was sick, her mother got ill, but Podge did not. Her mother pulled her hand on the mattress and went to her knees, and they all lived there to get warm. Choo does not remember too much. Images like snapshots whose edges shriveled as though they were flaming. They both regained it.

The catastrophe is stuck again. How Much later Choo does not remember. The hospital was hospitalized. He had a rare group of blood and had taken too much blood for the war effort, and when he was ill, he was no longer returned. Doctors cave. The mother waves up. Everyone waited until the end. Choo's father was called home. He was a civil engineer and the construction of aircraft and submarines for the war.

Choo's father went to the hospital, saw his wife and said, "What are you doing there, woman, the kids need you, was a tough man But Choo's mother was a tough woman and at that moment decided to stop to be sad and to become better
He lived for nine to three years and ten months

So, apart from mumps and coughing, the worst was the past, and Choo soon forgot the crisis and returned to the hiking or riding hills [19659002] When Johnny Returns Home, Hurray, Hurray

We welcome him, Hurrá, Hurrá

The band played in the village street and the family learned that the war was over, at least in Europe.Japan was far away, and Choo was hard to understand as a place.

Her mother had decided to cook a fruity cake. The problem was to find something blue in white and blue, thinking of using a part of the blue cube that went into the clothes to wash. In the list of prohibited substances, Choo was not allowed to enter his mouth. Choo had extensive experience in dealing with illicit substances. He was afraid his mother would cancel the family on the day of victory.

Only a house was destroyed and its passengers killed. They had gone a long way in front of the village, in an isolated marsh; how they were bombed, they did not know.

They decided to move a house. Go to a place called Surrey. Of course the dog will be taken. I would also take chickens and cocks, because rationing would wait for them. I did not think the life expectancy of the cockroach would be great. There are neighbors who lived on the garden fence, not over the hills and far away, where wise neighbors lived. There would be some friction. Choo and Podge are leaving. Choo is a young boy whose name is the same, and we call him a young boy instead of a little boy. Podge became pretty and pretty nurses, but they needed the right name, so although she still had a beautiful name for everyone, her brothers decided she was called Jane Ayre. But that was his own private name. The young boy did not know where he came from, but he felt superior. The big brother would leave the school where he won Victor Laudorum and became a cadet. He would have a beautiful new dark blue uniform with big gold buttons. The young boy would go to a new school and get her own new uniform.

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