The girl's blue truncation (poetic tragedy)

Challenged: Charles Taylor Former Liberian President

Little Boy Blue

screamed and ran and asked what he did wrong –

a log like a chicken or a pig [19659003] Little soldiers attacked Sierra Leone war.

The commanders, Rocky and Rambo, looked close by, "Pull out your arms and legs, hands and feet!" They killed.

And then their machetees came to the sky … and they were mutilated while grabbing the boy to his fingers and praising them to turn as a monkey

took it to the toilet pit:

little boy in blue, shouting and leaving behind! …

Little Boy Blue, a little boy who has not even pulled his big weapons – he was then a united child soldier that he was suppressing him

as if he were a worm …! (It's a real story.) It is sad to see a man like Charles Taylor, who would change his country into a market economy and so well for his own people. But he was so greedy that there were so many dictators or powerful men as in South America; and which also took place in Eastern Europe. So many people come to power, tell people that they want to change this and leave a good name for them to say. I see it in Peru, America, Venezuela, Bolivia, Kenya and Zimbabwe, and from there and beyond. The good thing is that they will be judged appropriately and I think they should be enough for the moment, and they will always be exchanged over time – thank god.

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