The fallen soldier's flight

On the way to Vermont to put on my final study, I started flying on a plane that brought one of the fallen soldiers back to their last resting place. I do not know much about the military, so I was surprised when the cabin crew asked the passengers to stay seated so that passengers and soldiers could leave the aircraft first to accompany the fallen company. Whether I agree with the war or not, it is my conviction that the soldier was not only sent home but resettled with respect.

The flight was late and my connection was very close, but that did not mean anything. In fact, I felt I was honored to be on a flight as if I were a very important part of it. Which was not sure, but it was big. Regardless of whether you are a believer, politician, nationality or even sexual orientation, for a brief moment we are all solid, proud, honored and humiliated. Then I thought the family was expecting their children to come home the last time. My heart is broken. I prayed for the family, the fallen soldier and his companion, and I prayed that we were all treated as soldiers as if he were his own child. If every man and woman (yes, every politician) did that, we might be approaching things differently.

I'm not the one who thinks I have all my answers. I do not. I was still guilty of having Pollyanna occasionally. But I think if we all stopped for a second, close the cakes and see the beauty in each other's differences, then we will be in a much better shape than it is now. Can we put the whole idea that we really need it? Could we just for a moment know that everybody we oppose is someone's child? If we remember, then there will be no war or dead soldiers to return home. I know the ideal of thinking is a truly peaceful world, but while this … it is not only the best to take care of each other, they love each other and respect each other with respect.

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