The Christians of Jesus Christ – He is with you to fight his enemies to save

Jesus Christ is a present help in trouble. Deuteronomy chapter twenty verses one-twenty, (Deut., 20: 1-20), explains how to make the Lord's people war with the enemies. Although we can not fight war anyway, we are a war every day against the powers of hell.

The Israelites (Israel) seem to have something behind, whoever belongs to the military council? One is typically looking for war veterans. But do not be afraid because the priest of the living God continually participates in the warfare. He participates in a war on a regular (or daily basis) basis. God priest in war is more conscious than the best war general. Daily, the priest of the Supreme God participates in spiritual warfare against the power of darkness. He fights in a war where his opponent is invisible. What is even harder to see or fight in the fight against an enemy you can not see? I think the latter is harder.

When the time of war is approaching the Lord God's priesthood, he talks to warriors. What do you say? He says:

  • Today he will fight against your enemies.
  • Do not let your heart faint.
  • Do not be afraid!
  • Do not worry.
  • Do not be afraid of them.


  1. The Lord is with you in this fight.
  2. The Lord will fight his enemies to rescue him.

So the Lord first applies his priest, then the "officers" of the war to talk to the army. The Lord, the officers, choose those who are able to defeat the good fight and send back the others because the glory of the battle must be Jesus. After the officers spoke to the soldiers, and those who have to leave leave the commander of the army to lead the people.

Who are the soldiers of Jesus Christ war or battle? "For it is not the fight against flesh and blood, but against the princes, the powers against the princes of the darkness of the world, in the high places, against spiritual wickedness," Eph. 6:12.

For Jesus Christ to be a soldier, he must focus on it. The "officers" of the war send everyone to their home who wants to be home. All those who have come home may have dazzled their lives. You can not go to war with anything but victory. The priest spiritually prepared the soldiers. Officers prepared them for natural things. The Christians of Jesus Christ must be balanced. An unbalanced soldier is confused and less efficient in the battle, because he focuses more on the disturbing power of war. Everything should be moderate.

The brethren of Jesus Christ must always be sharp and vigilant. This circumstance is about speed and ease, that our spirit can recognize evil as good-disguised. And there are very clever disguises. Christians of Jesus Christ are obliged to defend themselves. Christian soldiers need to take "whole armor".

To enter into any spiritual struggle it is important to know that you are not alone. Know that the Lord takes on you with every struggle. So beware that Jesus is with you when you have done all the armor of God. Be strong in Jesus and in strength. Suppose God's entire armor to stand against those who throw the devil on us. Stumble upon every deception, every trick, stand for faith.

First, his waist should be "truth". Secondly, put the truth on the "breast". Thirdly, put on the shoes of the gospel of peace. Fourth, over all other pieces of armor is the "Shield of Faith". Even if you do not have your belts, hats, shoes, helmets, swords, you do not have to shield it, because it's believed that everything is possible if we just believe it. Fifthly, place the redemption "helmet". Finally, "Take the Spirit of the Spirit," this is the Word of God. I heard the preachers say the "sword" is the only offensive piece in the armament. But this is not true. An experienced seasonal soldier will use the shield as an attacking and defensive weapon. You can attack the shield and protect yourself. For example, when the circumstances are standing against you, and there seems to be another blow from the devil to upset you, hold this heavy shield, because God is with you, you are not alone. Though your shield may seem serious and damaged Never stop being Jesus Christ will never leave or leave. He promised that he would always be with you until the end.

You're wrong, you can be in a situation where everyone says he will not succeed and you can not succeed and all that appears around you. But know this one thing, the Lord is with you to fight against your enemies to save. So, push it regularly on what others say. Find out how difficult and futile the situation is, and we are not seeing it.

Finally, the Lord tells you all before he fights. With the full conviction of victory, you must always go to war. This is not the case if you win and lose. No why? There are two reasons. One, the Lord Jesus Christ, will go to battle with you. You win twice because Jesus is with you to fight your enemies to rescue them. Where is this bug? In Jesus Christ, he only won by faith.

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