The causes of exploitation and trafficking in children

Age of colonization bought the idea of ​​slave trade. When Western countries began colonizing other parts of the world, they began to deliver native populations to their colonies to serve as slaves. But as mankind has matured over the centuries, the concept of a slave almost ceases – almost.

But so far, slavery has developed somewhat in a very sophisticated form of so-called trafficking in human beings. The modernization of civilization did not stop and did not stop the rapid growth of victims of human trafficking. And the most serious part is that women and children are often the most affected.

Child trafficking is a form of trafficking that focuses on the exploitation of children. There are many services where miners are marketed. This includes the placement of brothels and prostitution halls, hard laborers and waffles, or childrens wars in the service of uprisings and wars. The main reason for the minors favored by traffickers is that they are very vulnerable to threats and intimidation and are easily compatible with false rewards and promises.

In view of the geographical pattern of trafficking, it is easy to recognize that most victims come from a poor and poor country. As such, children are very sensitive to the crime, because parents can actually force them to find work or food. Each day of their lives becomes more severe misery, and the promise given by traffickers is by no means the only way.


Education is a basic foundation for the country to thrive. However, if the majority of the population is illiterate and lack the proper education, they are at risk of deception and exploitation.

Organized Crime

Since trafficking is a highly profitable business, criminal networks are strong enough to help and influence governments to endure the practice. Victims are not regarded as fellow human beings but rather as commodities.

Ineffectiveness of States and Governments

Among the factors influencing crime, the most notable is the lack of state action and punishment. If only the governments of the Earth can only absorb and provide unified protection against trafficking and abuse in general, it will be easier for everyone to stand behind them.

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