The benefits of outdoor play

We know he is sitting in front of video games and TV. no health benefits. Opening the doors helps our children become creative. It is also known that children are better off when they are outdoors. My own kid spent hours outdoors. The filthy, ninety percent came in. They were so exhausted that they would fall asleep in the bathtub. I did not mind the dirt, and not my wife, meant for us that our children felt very good.

The benefits of outdoor play are physically and mentally. In physical terms, we know the benefits, strength stamina and coordination. Physical activity: carpet, ball, riding game, etc. External play is a valuable activity for infants, toddlers and kindergartens. It promotes their development in many respects. Infants, toddlers and kindergartens are sensory motor students. In addition to health benefits, the outside play also extends children's thinking and knowledge. Children need coordination, they need to exercise their basic physical skills. Outdoor play time allows children free movement and noise, forms of self-expression that are often limited in the house.

Too often in these days we are afraid to let our children play outside. There are so many hazards around every corner. Make game groups, lots of kids, and play games with them. Just stand close to avoid getting injured. I know that working with a parent, it is very difficult to check out the kids to get out on their side every day. If your neighbors get together and everyone takes a day out of the week to encourage kids in the neighborhood to play together. Each parent takes the various days of the week, will be very busy children, not to mention the free time of the separated parents, but they do not have it.

After the kids go out and choose different leaves Placing in wax paper is a great way to keep up and walk around. Kids love these little art projects. There are many advantages to outdoor play. In addition, our children are given a sense of adventure when they live near the forests, always taking care not to enter into extremely wooded areas.

Warning deficit (ADD) children. This study examined the relationship between the nature of the children's exposure to leisure activities and the deliberate functioning of the subject within and between the subjects. The parents assessed the child's deliberate operation after having carried out activities in several places. The results show that children are better than normal in activities in the green environment and that the "greener" child's playground is the less serious the attention deficit. Thus, engagement with nature can support the deliberate functioning of the population of deliberately supporting children. In addition, outdoor games reduce the stress of children. Children express and work out the emotional aspects of daily experiences through structural play. Kids can play with their contemporaries freely, learn skills through seeing things from another person's point of view, working together, sharing and solving problems.

Kids learn the movement. As an adult, we know that we learn through learning, the same kids. The development of perception capabilities may suffer if its many experiences are through the media science books and homework. Smell and taste are a wonderful way to learn

Children who are free to spend time on the doors can gain courage in the bigger world. They need to be able to navigate their immediate surroundings to build their skills to finally introduce their own lives.

In today's world, it's getting more and more complex and somewhat scary. The fact that our children need to be so much needed to feel their breasts free on their faces. The sun is a kiss and a confident game. Ignoring the development features of unstructured outdoor games deny children the opportunity to spread their ideas beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

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