Technology in Healthcare

The use of technology in healthcare has paved the way for the development of different areas. One of the advantages and benefits of technology is that more people are surviving disease such as cancer and heart disease because they have been able to diagnose them before. With this ability comes the possibility of using a protocol that is less drastic than the progression of the disease. With a disease such as cancer because it is metastatic, the ability to fight and eliminate becomes increasingly difficult. Although another use of health technology has brought us new drugs that can specifically target specific cancer cells and may be more targeted in other areas. In addition, they have brought us new radiant equipment that may be more accurate and you do not have to use the bullet-proof approach to reach cancer. The beam can be bent around key body parts such as the glands and arteries so as not to damage them when they focus on this area. [1] An interesting and futuristic step forward is the use of robots. You can now have a robotic prostatectomy, which can be a benefit for the patient. Using a robot by surgery involves less pruning or incisions that are less traumatic to the patient, fewer blood loss, greater chance of precise nerve and nose disruption, allowing the patient not to have side effects from surgery, usually shorter stay in the hospital and shorter recovery time. The accuracy of the robot is much more accurate than a surgeon who uses his hand alone. One of the reasons is the use of the microscope and the lights in surgery. The physician can access this technique in an operating room, but it is extremely tight and well lit on a very small area without cutting the patient open. Visibility within a fraction of a millimeter is a great advantage for a robot operating a doctor.

Another area where robots are used in robotic heart surgery. Again, the accuracy and accuracy of the tools is more likely to result in a faster recovery time and less trauma for the patient. The likelihood of finer incisions and less blood loss is beneficial for the use of a robot for heart surgery. The da Vinci robot can be used for both heart and cancer surgery and can be used in many areas where precision and accuracy are outstanding.

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