Taliban using suicide bombers for children

Canadian support for Afghanistan's mission will be reduced. According to the Canadian Press-Decima survey, 67% of respondents said the number of Canadian casualties was unacceptable. Only 25% of the respondents believed that the number of accidents was acceptable.

Other Canadians believe this is a war that can not be won. It is no wonder to take into account the tactics that the Taliban have been employing late. The Canadian forces observe international law and try to enforce them, but can not be said against their opponents.

The Taliban have succeeded most against the Canadian army against the bombs planted on the dusty highways of the nations. When an armored vehicle passes through, the Taliban survives. This tactic may increase the rate of murder, but this does not necessarily increase the power of prestige or the heroic warrior image.

There seems to be no limit to how far they are prepared to occupy the US and NATO forces. A recent tactic was used to use children to commit suicide missions.

tálib recruiters & # 39; They appeared in madrasas in Pakistan and taught their children in the art of terrorism. This includes the video of children's suicide bombings and the training of cars and motorcycles.

Recently, a fourteen-year-old boy named Rafiqullah. It was selected to travel to Afghanistan and to launch an suicide attack with an Afghan governor.

The boy crossed the border and came to Khost in Afghanistan when he joined his manager, one of Abdul Aziz. When Aziz fitted the Rafiqullah in a special robotic armor, it was a bit too real for the boy and dragged away. He told Aziz he was afraid, and he could not make the order. With Aziz's death, he threatened the boy and glanced at the gun. Fortunately, the police got off the ground and Rafiqullah was arrested. Soon after President Hamid Karzai's order was issued, he described it as an innocent foot.

This is not a one-off affair. Last month, the Taliban used a six-year-old child in Ghazni province to attempt to commit suicide attacks on the Americans. The boy asked for assistance from the Afghan soldiers who discovered he had been suicidal.

A video was released in April that showed Taliban convicts of a 12-year-old boy while opting for an accused betrayer. The boy was sticking up to lift his slapped head while the Taliban audience approached him.

The Taliban claim that Shari is considered a law – a law that is morally better than what the West offers, but the treatment of children is an insult to Qu & # 39, run and human dignity. There seems to be no moral restraint on what you are prepared to achieve.

Next month, Canadian Canadian Royal Regiment, Van Doos takes over the combat group. Many Canadian people doubt, however, that national security levels can be restored.

PM Harper felt the heat and regained the "no-cut and run" rhetoric. Depending on the will of Parliament, it may judge that it will end its Canadian combat role when the current mission expires in February 2009.

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