Starting a Childcare Facility Checklist

These days, parents usually work outside the home, so they need to come up with a decision to leave their children on a childcare facility. But, they will definitely look for a quality childcare that their kids need and deserve.

Indeed, parents will look for the best childcare facility, they will certainly spend time researching, spending time talking with staff, visiting daycare centers and making some comparison. Yes, it is an initial reaction for the parents to ensure that their children will be safe and in good hands. They want to make sure of the safety of their children and they will be guided properly. There are a few items that you need to consider when starting your childcare facility. Read on in order to gain the checklist.

Are your caregivers in your facility loving enough and are responsive to the needs of the kids under your facility?

Are the children under your care happy and having fun?

Is the staff-to-child ratio correctly set up?

Are you providing references to your clients?

Have you undergone background checks on your staffs and caregivers?

Are you a business license?

Is your business bonded?

What are your policies?

Are your policies good enough for your staffs, caregivers and clients to abide?

Are you providing healthy meals and snacks?

Is your facility clean enough to attract clients?

Is your facility safe enough to make your clients feel at ease?

Do you have a fire detector?

And it's working well?

Have you covered all the envelopes?

Are chemicals and dangerous products placed in places that can not be reached by children?

If you are handling infants or toddlers in your facility, there are also some things that you need to check out.

Are your caregivers properly trained that they need to hold babies when feeding them?

Do all the kids have sleeping mats?

Do they have the space to sleep?

Do you have safe toys in your facility?

Are the toys being muted by infants cleaned regularly?

Are you familiar with choking hazards?

Do you have first aid kits in your facility?

There are other areas that you need to consider, continue reading …

What are the hours of operation?

Have the caregivers and staffs undergone training?

Do you have daily activities?

Do you have an interesting environment that can make kids enjoy and have fun?

Are you handling potty training in your facility?

Are you offering and teaching new skills, such as singing, dancing, playing piano and so on?

These are the questions you need to answer in order to make sure that you can successfully start up and run your daycare facility.

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