Starbucks and the health risks of children

Do you know the risks involved in getting Starbucks Frappachinos daily? Some say Starbucks and health risks are linked to each other. For example, we know that excess sugar is not good for you and increases the risk of early diabetes. We know excessive caffeine because of the risk of heart attack and cardiac arrest. Still, when the two are put into a foo foo like a frappachino, do you really think that you will not be fat or stupid?

When you sit in Starbucks, you see the frappachinos serving up to $ 4 per unit, and a few fat, human children suck on their parents thanks to their parents. What the parents obviously do not know or are worried about is that children under the age of six are still shaping up and adding ADHD problems that today's youngsters are real or imaginative. Frying the kids' frappachinos can be said to be feeding the dog's poultry. Of course, that's just one of my opinions during my last visit to Starbucks. Still, do you only buy a balanced version of dog food for your pet? Why would we throw such trash into our children?

Recently, when I came out of a Petco, a four-member family filled a 50-pound dog feed in SUV ScienceBlend, and then said; "Okay, we're all done, we're good kids, we're leaving the Starbucks." As I heard this in the parking lot and patiently waited for all the doors to close, so I could try to get in the car. I thought about myself; "wow, they bought special dog food for their puppies, but now they feed their bees to their children. Interestingly, it's just a sign of time and small human beings reward them by poisoning their good bodies

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