St Ignatius Loyola – The patron saint of soldiers

He was born Ignacio Lâpepez de Loyola in Azpeitia, Gipuzkoa, Spain in 1491. He is the youngest of the 13 children born of wealth. His father, Juan VelÃssquez de Cuellar, was Ferdinand and Isabella's treasurer, king and queen.

When he grows up, he becomes a knight. He also joined the Spanish army. He was a brave soldier fighting in several battles. He relied on the honor of Spain and the glory of the Spanish flag. But it was Pamplona's battle that was the event that completely changed his life. The French army moved wildly. In the middle of the battle, his legs were seriously injured. A cannonball struck his leg, which damaged the left calf and the right lane.

The Spanish army was handed over to the French Army. They treated them with respect and wounded the wounded. After months of further treatment, when she returned to Spain, and after all the pains that began to be treated, her feet were healed.

During this healing period, his life has changed. After having nothing to do, she asked for reading materials. He asked about knights and knights stories. Since no one was there, he received literature on the life of Christ and the saints. He learned the difficulties of Christian martyrs and the lives and sacrifices of Christ. It was there that he had to follow the teachings of Christianity and be a true apostle of Christ.

Today is considered a patron saint of soldiers – the brand new soldier who became a brave saint.

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