Soldiers will never die, they will only disappear

A writer's life is a lie


For a soldier dying to others for his life

Soldiers sacrifice each

Remember her mother to to Protect Another Mother

Let's remember these selfless people only on national occasions or when there is an international threat.

When our neighbors plan to pay a war against us, we pray for our lives, not theirs, even if they are fighting and only getting updates through social media.

#IndianArmy, #indian, #jaihind and unfortunately #Rip, they and their families do not get moral support and encouragement from society. Our flag does not fly because the wind moves, but it flies with every soldier who died in defending his integrity.

While the most beloved ones do not absorb the gifts,

begins to pack his bag to fight "not with the wicked" because it has to protect the 131 crore family. to celebrate the festival of lights without fear of darkness

There is a need for a lot of courage to see the enemy's eyes on their pistol, but her mother needs a lot of heroism and audacity to hold back to her tears, look at her body and scream: Jai back ".

Looks at his shirt and laughs at lipstick markings. When he sees his uniform, he keeps it clean. This is when his chest is proud of pride, while his heart is painfully weeping. The wife of a dead soldier is not an easy task.

When he came to the house of a soldier with a tricolor flag, the proud father says "He proved the blood of the country …" 19659002] He was brave enough to sacrifice his life for the country while his wife was brave enough to give the same uniform to her son.

We do not lose anything because history remembers the leaders, not the soldiers. The pain suffered by the family is something we can not imagine.

Soldiers are fighting, but no soldier likes violence. When we solve everything through peace, why is war? One must not forget two things – There are no armies in the happiest country in the world and the United Kingdom was captured through the series of wars and finally our freedom was won through peace and nonviolence. Drivers' eagerness and hatred should not consume the most valuable children of India's mother.

So he tries to remove obstacles, hearts and bounds and live in peace and harmony so our soldiers can live with their family. This may seem unrealistic, but it may work.

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