Soldiers get the job by sucking their sleep

There is a very important issue in the ongoing war on terrorism that does not come from the headlines. It is about the quality of sleep that American soldiers go to the front lines. According to reports, US troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are awake for several days or nights.

Back to home, sleeping experts, and courageous GIs, some family members are concerned about the long-term health effects that the lack of sleep can lead to these fighters. But few people know that a number of American soldiers in the Gulf region are helping a kind of drug that allows them to be alert and wake up to forty hours without exploding.

This tablet is the result of research into years of pre-war sleep failure. The development of this theory is due to the fact that sleeping has basically two internal characteristics. One of the sleeping rings for physical recovery; and two of the effects of sleep mental retardation. Since modern soldiers have gone through a tremendous physical and psychological training, they do not have the same physical and mental requirements as sleeping.

In this context, it is suggested that, due to exhaustion, the soldier needs more physical restoration than mental recovery. And this is lucky because physically healing sleep is easy to reach; and with proper chemical aids, a skilled soldier can do without or without physically restorative sleep for days without permanently damaging his health.

In previous wars, US soldiers brought along stimulants that kept them awake when it was tough. But these stimulants have bad side effects, especially when the potency is out of stock. Adverse reactions were inevitable by agitation, poor judgment, fatigue, and falling asleep by the soldiers they use. Many veterans of previous wars became crazy.

Well, not this time. Research by the US Army shows that new tablets can help modern American soldiers stay awake in the field and intelligently and sharply carry out their tasks within the allowed forty hours and, if necessary, an hours sleep break. And this without the traditional stimulants being able to have bad side effects.

Are you promising good sound? Well, as they point out, these soldiers are trained professionals. But what if these waker-top tablets become available to the common US? If this happens, there is a good chance that ordinary people are abused by using tablets to extend working hours and accommodate families. And this can be very frightening for many frightened experts. While it is true that US military studies show that the results of new tablets are popular, many doctors are still skeptical about this type of drug. After all, science has yet to know what actually happens to a man who has been deprived of sleep for too long. But if we look at the fact that we can not satisfy the recommended sleep for several days, it is physically slow and mentally boring; This is the main reason for the finding that the rate of accidents on motor vehicles rises sharply between 2 and 5 am when people are normally in bed.

So unless you're in the area of ​​freedom and democracy, it's better to get the recommended amount of sleep or sacrifice your health physically and mentally. Even soldiers tell you that there is no substitute for good night sleep, and if they do, they will avoid the use of awakening drugs.

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