Soldiers deserve the freedom of speech

It is so important that what you want without fear of government or social persecution is our founders classified it as the first amendment. Because when ideas, whether good or bad, suppress society, society can not progressively evolve. When people are afraid to speak a word, whether it's writing or speaking, the world is starting to live in a quiet, cold, and gray place. It feels like you're putting your thoughts in your head like a mental prison.

Many Americans believe that "free speech" protects us in a way that allows us to say anything as long as we want. Although I do, this is not the case. Under the Smith Act of 1940, it is illegal for any American citizen to express sympathetic communist views. Under the Obama Administration's National Defense Authorization Act, anyone who only "suspects" terrorist sympathy enjoys a trial will fail. These are very uncertain parameters that can easily be used to eliminate social differences.

Those who serve in the army are even worse. If you are a private citizen and publish Facebook about the president being "incompetent" or "not qualified", the FBI will probably not appear on the door. However, if you are in an army, such a simple statement is likely to be at the court hearing before the court. There are usually no requirements for jury in military combat under military jurisdiction, which makes it much more difficult to fight.

You would think those who literally make a living in the line to protect our nation and the implementation of the congressional orders is much better than anyone else to criticize the commander and / or his commands. But the reality is that soldiers expect them to follow orders, support the commander, and keep their mouths disagreed.

U.C.M.J, 10 U.S.C. 888, it is a criminal offense to an appointed military officer to use contemptuous words against, inter alia, the President and Congress. The Ministry of Defense extended this rule to include all military personnel (DOD 1344.10).

These rules have a practical basis for the fact that soldiers are able to criticize a mission and destroy the morality of its unity. Although this is a remarkable logic, they do not take the fact that men's and women's uniforms represent far more than they are today. If we want to limit their ability to publicly criticize the mission or the leader, should not we at least require that our congress, our presidents and our commanders can consult with our member organization in order to find out whether the missions are to be resumed or not? Perhaps we must have one year of prison where soldiers and women are able to express their views on missions and operations.

Numerous jurisdictions have been implemented in a "public forum" that is visible only to other military personnel, while members of the members fully express their thoughts without fear of punishment. This is a step in the right direction. However, when we believe that the United States did not have a proper congressional war on the II. Since World War, we soon realize that there is a serious problem of treating our soldiers on the chess board as a mere pedestrian when we consider them unique to human life only when it is absolutely necessary to send war.

Legislators need tremendous realities of control over civilian and military life. Unmarried soldiers expect them to live in celibacy in the barracks while they have no freedom of speech; Talk about anger rising up! Maybe he's completely separate from the plan to make better fighters. Who knows!? Regardless of my free speech, saying, "It's time to begin humanizing our soldiers, instead of simply being seen as pieces of meat, like" fitting "outfits.

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