Soldier Care Packages – What is Packaging and Why

Supporting teams is a term that has run so easily and negligently that it has almost lost its meaning in these days. One of the best ways to really let the men and women in the service of the military be the personal touch of a nursing package. But what should be one of the packages in the care of a soldier? Here are some suggestions for care packages.

First, personal letters. Soldiers are eager to receive letters from home and they like sharing the email with other soldiers. For their own protection, exclude the first name and address of the letters and packages sent to children.

As for other items to be packaged in military care packages, there are some basic things to think about. While food is one of the most popular batch, you can also think of relief bodies at extreme temperatures and relieve boredom during stoppage. Below are some of the toiletries that are always sought after: –

– hair

– anhydrous dry skin care

– pimples or creams

– eye drops

-nasal spray

Rubber dust

rubber powder

rubber wipes

-sensitizing gels

-puffed shoe pads


– insect repellent (only wipes or gels)


* Note: Make sure that your painted or liquid items are sealed in zip fasteners

Homemade products are always the best, but remember, travels for three or four weeks and each item is hermetically sealed packages or bags. There are many pre-packaged food that travels well and it lasts for months if it does not open. Some of the most sought-after foods are:

deer or Slim Jims (pork products for soldiers in Muslim countries)

– fish in a bag

– many additives, Kool-Aid, Gatorade, Crystal Light, tea mixture etc.

-dried fruits

-fast candies


-span in a cup

-fruit or pudding cups that pudding is not chilled)

chocolates (but only from October to April months, as temperatures may reach up to 130 in some countries.

* Note: Do not forget the plastic containers and make sure that all liquids are sealed in a sealed zipper closure and do not carry any glass containers or alcoholic products.

To ease boredom, some of the following can be packaged:

-DVD or Video Games

-playing cards

-travel games

-puzzle or puzzle books

-darts or miniature golf Greens

-Nice Balls

-Usable Cameras

Some other fine touches are prepaid phone cards, items, sewing tools and socks, towels and washbasins. So send a soldier a little love home and send the care package today!

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