Soldier Amputees; Can we rebuild body parts?

The growth of new arms and limbs has always been a thing scientists have done and one thing that Sci Fi authors have discussed. After all, if the Starfishers are able to do so, then why are not human beings? Imagine that a soldier was caught in a road bomb in Iraq and survives but amputated or double amputated when he returns to the state side.

It would be great if we could figure out a way to help them rebuild body parts. In fact, this conversation has recently been created with a few mentally retarded people when it is a member; Swift from Las Vegas;

"I read the book about the human body and was surprised to learn things I did not know by using electricity, she did not know exactly how much it was given and how long her body parts were." To me it makes sense, I suspected there would be a little scientific work to rebuild people all over the guns, hands or other openings that could be used for something important, or they could even be used to connect to diagnostic machines. There are only so many better nerve endings and main blood vessels that need to be sensors This can help in prosthesis devices and allow the soldier to return to normal life. Consider these in 2006.

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